The owners of a missing dog are offering a €1,000 reward for his safe return

Heartbroken owners want their dog back

Michelle NicPhaidin


Michelle NicPhaidin


The owners of a dog which went missing on Port Arthur beach are desperate to get their dog back. 

Alfie the dog went missing on Port Arthur beach on September 10. 

The owners who live between Gaoth Dobhair and Scotland have done everything they can think of in order to get their dog back.

A campaign has been mounted on social media and the entire community is trying to help them. Sightings have been reported of similar dogs but to no avail. The search continues. 

This week, the owners announced that they would give a €1,000 reward to get their dog back. 

If anyone were to see a dog fitting Alfie's description please go to the Facebook page. You can also take a photo and PM the owners. 

You will know it is Alfie if you say 'where's your bubbles' and the dog becomes very excited. Please do what you can to help locate Alfie.