Watch: New McElhinney's Christmas advert is something very special

Diarmaid Doherty


Diarmaid Doherty


A festive advert to touch the hearts 

When it comes to Christmas cheer, few do it better than McElhinney's Stores in Ballybofey.

They've just released their new Christmas advert and already it has generated a wonderful reaction.

Directed by John Ruddy, the video follows a family's preparations for Christmas and how they perfom all the traditions we know and love.

At the same time, the story features a granny called Martha who lives in a nursing home and is preparing for Christmas in her own special way.

The video delivers a message that the greatest gift that anyone can give is time.

It's a wonderful video - the perfect way to get you into that festive mood. 

McElhinney's Stores in Ballybofey