WATCH: Daniel O'Donnell realises a lifelong Donegal dream

Matt Britton


Matt Britton


Last night (Monday) Daniel O’Donnell realised a lifelong dream when he became a member of the highly accomplished Clann Mhic Ruarí on stage in the Waterfront Hotel in Dungloe.
The Mac Ruari family hushed up on 500 guests into complete silence with their fantastic and evocative harmonies.
As they were close to finishing their set Daniel took to the stage and said, “ I saw these lads and indeed, lady not so long ago at a concert in Rannafast and also over the years. There is no fancy term required for their music - it is simply beautiful. I have always wanted to become an unofficial member of this family and what better opportunity than this special night where we commemorate 50 years of Mary from Dungloe.”
Daniel proceeded to sing “Will you go, Oh Lassie go?” to be followed by his own “Donegal Shores” accompanied by the perfect harmonies of the Mac Ruarí family.
This was one of these nights that touched on nostalgia, revived great memories of the old marquee down the road and one that ensures that this festival will continue for many years to come.
If you haven’t been down in Dungloe yet get there soon - you have Nathan Carter, Goats don’t Shave, the crowning ceremony and the carnival to look forward to - it’s the place to be.