WATCH: Donegal surfer nominated for riding one of the biggest waves of the year

Bundoran man in the running for international surfing award

By Eamonn McFadden


By Eamonn McFadden


Bundoran surfer, Conor Maguire, has been nominated for a major international surfing award for catching one of the best big waves in the world earlier this month in Donegal Bay.

Conor has received a nomination in the World Surf League Billabong XXL “Ride of the Year” category for a spectacular wave he caught off Mullaghmore Head, in Co. Sligo in early February.

This now puts him in a very elite group of big waves surfers as this was his second nomination in the event, having surfed a gigantic wave in the same location in 2015.

Conor explained that after a busy few days with many professional surfers jetting in from all over the world to surf the famed break, he and a group of other surfers managed to get a day when most of the others had left the area and they got some great waves to themselves.

“It happened on February 9th. We had a great run of swell and there was a lot of professional surfers around for it and we surfed it five days in a row. I managed to break five of my boards that week. When most of the crowd went we got really lucky and myself and a few of the boys got a great day out there to ourselves. It was a really special day and showed that Mullaghmore is one of the best big waves in the world,” Conor stated.

Conor said his wave in 2015 was bigger, but he felt he managed to surf this year's nominated wave better.

“The last one in 2015 I was just hanging on for dear life, but I felt I surfed this one a bit better as I got a lot deeper on it,” he added.

The famous wave in Donegal Bay also helped visiting American surfer Will Skudin from New York. This, too, received a nomination for the same big waves awards.

The judges will take all the entries from around the world and whittle them down to five in each category. The overall winner will be announced in California this summer.