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Donegal troops leaving for Lebanon this week

Sue Doherty


Sue Doherty


Members of the 109th Infantry Battalion, who got a great reception when they recently paraded through Donegal Town, are leaving for the Lebanon this week.

Of the 336 troops leaving for a six month stint as part of the UNIFIL forces in Lebanon are 59 members of the 28th Infantry Battalion, which is based in Finner Camp.

The Irish troops will join up with soldiers from Finland and Estonia to man observation posts and support Lebanese armed forces along the Blue Line near the Zone of Separation. The Blue Line, or line of withdrawal, to call it by its proper name, was established in 2,000 to confirm the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon and UNIFIL have been on the ground there for the last ten years.

An advance party went out last week, while the first group of troops will fly out this Tuesday and the rest of the unit next Wednesday to Friday.

Capt. Enda Caldwell, Operation Officer for the 28th Inf. Bn., told the Democrat yesterday, "Morale is very high in the unit. We couldn't believe the reception we got, and how well the town looked on the day of our parade."

While the 109th Inf. Bn. headquarters is at Finner Camp, the troops also trained at  Gormanston Camp, Co. Meath and in the Glen of Imaal.

Have a look at them in action in this video made during training exercises in Wicklow.

Best of luck to our brave men and women, and safe home!