WATCH: New video from Phat Kiidz - the Donegal band that brought you the summer hit of 2016 "GAA Jersey"


Chris Ashmore


Chris Ashmore


Do you remember "GAA Jersey" - the hit of the summer in Donegal in 2016?

It was the work of hip-hop group PHAT KiiDZ, who have just released a new song called Parola.

It has a Hallowe’en themed video and the song, according to singer Sam Kasenga, is “an Afro fusion style of music”.

Phat KiiDZ was formed in Letterkenny by Happymore Mutyoro (Hapz), Samuel Kasenga (J-Kiizy) and Ndoda Madolo (Jawn).

They all met in Letterkenny at the age of 13 realising they shared the same talents. They all attended different schools but continued to be the best of friends.

In the summer of 2010 they released our first single “Missing You” which got a good response in the town and got them a number of gigs.

But it was the song ““GAA Jersey” that really made people sit up and notice.

Goats Don’t Shave’s Pat Gallagher featured with them in the song and it got over 145,000 views on youtube as well as getting considerable airtime on radio.

If you’ve forgotten it, you can see the video again HERE