Death of Patsy McGowan, Cloghore

Death of Patsy McGowan, Cloghore

Cardinal Newman’s definition of a gentleman was one who inflicts the least possible pain on others.

Well that certainly fitted Patsy McGowan who was laid to rest in the Abbey Cemetery yesterday (Wednesday) after a well- attended Funeral Mass in St Patrick’s Chapel, Ballyshannon

Patsy passed away peacefully at Sligo University Hospital after a short illness and had been a patient in the Rock Nursing Home prior to his death. The gentle Patsy was in his early 70s.

Patsy went to Rockfield National School and later emigrated to England in the 1960s, returning with his wife Mary and family in the mid 1970s.

They made their family home in Cloghore just about 100 metres from where Patsy was raised.

Patsy became an employee of John Mulligan and Sons and worked there for around three decades.

He was a lorry driver and was well known in shops, pubs and hotels in Ballyshannon, Bundoran, Cliffoney, Mullaghmore and Sligo.

As an employee he was ideal, hard-working, honest, thorough, responsible, kind and efficient and understanding to all he met on his travels.

Patsy was very respectful of others and thus he commanded a lot of respect from all who had the privilege of working with him.

There was an innate decency in Patsy that endeared him to all and he took his wok very seriously and you just knew you were safe going out in the lorry with Patsy.

And he was totally devoted to his wife Mary and children, Marty, Adrian and Michelle.

In 1995 the family were struck a terrible blow when Adrian was tragically killed in a road traffic accident.

Patsy bore this terrible loss with typical stoical faith and goodness.

Unfortunately he did not enjoy the best of health in recent years, but made no fuss and seldom complained.

But he made a lasting impression on those he met.

His wife Mary, Marty (son), Michelle (daughter) and Liam (brother) survive him.