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Exploring the secret language of cranes

Lorcán Ó Tuathail discusses his research into the cultural and historical remnants of the extinct Irish crane, which inspired the exhibition, ‘Teangá Rúnda na gCorr'.

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Exploring  the secret language of cranes

A scene from the exhibition, Teangá Rúnda na gCorr.

Lorcán Ó Tuathail, director of the Golden Eagle Trust, has turned his attention to a different winged creature, the crane, for his recent masterful book, Corr Scéal, Crane Notions

Lorcán’s book has inspired a magical exhibition, ‘Teangá Rúnda na gCorr,’ at An Gailearaí in Derrybeg and Lorcán will be at the gallery next week to discuss his work.

Lorcán will be speaking at an An Gailearaí at 8pm on Wednesday, Sept. 20th. The gallery is located in Áislann Ghaoth Dobhair, in the Gaoth Dobhair Business Park.

In their interpretation of Lorcán’s work, An Gailearaí incorporates new work from poet Cathal Ó Searcaigh, the work of 20th-century Scottish poet Sorley MacLean, and Deirdre Brennan's rendition of Ó Searcaigh's, 'Amhrán na gCorr”. A flock of cranes guides the viewer into the spiral installation, surrounded by language and sound, to find a dance of the cranes by artist Sara Lewtas at the centre.

“I was very pleased to see it stimulated both the gallery and the poet to produce that art installation,” Lorcán said. “I wouldn't perceive myself as an artist – my background is with eagles. “It’s interesting that they took some of the ideas in the book and kind of ran with them.”

Lorcán’s book, nine years in the making, explores cultural and historical remnants of the extinct Irish crane, which resonate still, even though it has been gone from here since about 1500.

Copies of “Corr Scéal” will be available at An Gailearaí.