READ THE REID: Mac Niallais is star man as Gaoth Dobhair justify odds

READ THE REID: Mac Niallais is star man as Gaoth Dobhair justify odds

Usually the better team win. Gaoth Dobhair had been firm favourites for the Donegal Senior Football Championship since the outset this season. They lived up to expectations with a solid all-round performance against Glenties in Ballybofey last Sunday.

Though Gaoth Dobhair had many good individual performances on the day, I thought that Odhrán Mac Niallais stood apart. His class showed. I’m probably being a bit selfish since I’m looking at him from a Donegal perspective. If Mac Niallais can bring this type of performance to the county jersey on a consistent basis, then he would undoubtedly push Donegal into a very strong position.

Gaoth Dobhair deserved their victory and the title and I’m sure that Naomh Conaill wouldn’t deny this either. I hope that Gaoth Dobhair now go on to represent Donegal in purposeful fashion and lift the Ulster club crown as well. They certainly have the players and the know-how to do it.

They will travel to Corrigan Park, Belfast on Sunday week to face the Antrim senior football champions, Cargin, who defeated parish rivals Creggan Kickhams by a single point in the county final last Sunday. Gaoth Dobhair surely will have too much for Cargin. Their star players are Tomás McCann and Justin Crozier who play for Antrim and they also have Tony Scullion, who has retired from the Antrim squad.

Gaoth Dobhair’s main threat may come from the winners of the Crossmaglen and Coalisland game. The Armagh and Tyrone champions respectively will face each other on 3rd November, the day before Gaoth Dobhair play. Crossmaglen last won the Armagh championship in 2015 and went on to win the Ulster crown that year also. This was their 44th Armagh title and are now bidding for their 12th Ulster title. This is a spectacular achievement.

Tyrone champions Coalisland stand in their way. They defeated Killyclogher in the county final last Sunday. Coalisland are no slouches. They have won the county title 10 times now, the last coming in 2010.

The other side of the Ulster club senior football draw sees Castlerahan (Cavan) play Coleraine (Derry) and Scotstown (Monaghan) take on Burren (Down) in the semi-finals. The Monaghan champions Scotstown seem to be the strongest team here and I expect them to reach the Ulster final.

The last Donegal club to win the Ulster senior football championship was St. Joseph’s, an amalgamation of Ballyshannon and Bundoran. According to, “The club was formed in 1963 from the merger of C.L.G. Aodh Ruadh, based in Ballyshannon, and Réalt Na Mara GAA, based in Bundoran. They won unofficial Ulster Senior Club Football Championships in 1967 and 1968, and won the official tournament in 1975, and are still the only Donegal club to do so. The clubs separated in 1977”.

It’s time that Donegal had another winner. It’s difficult to figure out why Donegal senior club teams are unable to push on from winning the county title to achieving Ulster club success. Since the early 70s we’ve always been there or thereabouts in respect of senior inter-county football. Perhaps Gaoth Dobhair have the key to unlock that door. Let’s hope so.

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Keeping the faith!