HARTE OF THE MATTER: JP's generosity to Donegal

Donation is a welcome boost to local GAA clubs

Jimmy Harte


Jimmy Harte


Harte of the Matter

JP McManus

JP McManus created plenty of noise the other week. His donation of €3.2m to the GAA coffers throughout the county is one hell of a coup for the association.  

He has been a long time supporter of Limerick GAA and was in the winning dressing room after their victory on All-Ireland hurling final day which saw them bridge a 45-year gap from their last win.

Dividing the money equally between counties is interesting. What does the €100,000  mean for each county and in particular Donegal?

Cork, for example, have the highest number of clubs: 167. This will ensure each club gets around €600, whereas Roscommon, with only 22 clubs will receive €4,545.

JP’s gesture is worth a nice €2,500 to each of the forty clubs in Donegal. If used wisely this money could be very very well spent.

There have been one or two critics regarding his gesture, but we shouldn’t look this gift-horse in the mouth. Let’s cherish the donation. It may not go as far as the success of Limerick, but importantly, it will go towards real development of local GAA clubs from smaller counties that have a such an important place in Irish life and contribute hugely to the development of youth in our communities throughout the land.

It could be a springboard for other sporting groups to prosper if there are other JP McManus’s out there who want a piece of sporting glory for themselves. Maybe John Delaney should get in touch.