Paddy McGrath disappointed but insists there are positives from season

Paddy McGrath disappointed but insists there are positives from season

Paddy McGrath was naturally bitterly disappointed with Sunday’s result and in particular the way Donegal let Tyrone get away from them in the last 20 minutes of what was an absorbing and physically draining contest.

But the Ardara man, who got on the scoresheet, in the midst of his disappointment also felt many positives came out of the season and there was a lot to look forward to.

“Disappointing is the word. We came here to win today with home advantage and did not pull it off,” said a dejected McGrath.

“Looking at the game, the subs that came off the bench for Tyrone were very effective and they also got their goal at the right time.

“We found it hard to draw it back and the game got away from us then.

“They started to slow things down as well.”

The experienced corner back also bemoaned a number of missed opportunities for scores that were not taken.

“We missed a few important scores as well and they hit us on the counter attack very effectively,” he added.

He also insisted that Donegal were not overpowered by the Red Hands and that they had come out on top in the physical stakes.

“It was not one for the faint hearted, but I don’t think we were outmatched physically as our young lads are well capable of stepping up to the mark.

“Things just did not happen and their bench scored 2-5 which shows how important that was.

“That tells its own story and the goal came at a great time for them.”

McGrath was happy enough with Donegal’s first half performance and felt they were in good position at the halfway mark.

“We were three points up at half-time which is where you wanted to be, but we just did not kick on even though we went four up.

“It was a tight game but in a game like that a goal is vital and Tyrone got it and that was crucial.

“It gave them the lead and we just could not claw it back. They got men behind the ball. The goal came from a quick turnover.

“We found it hard to score and we missed a few chances early in the second half. If they had gone over it might have been a different game”.

But despite the defeat the 2012 All-Ireland winner felt 2018 was a good season for Declan Bonner and Donegal.

“There are loads of positives to be taken from this season,” he said.

“The young lads really stepped up and you would like to see those lads pushing on now, bringing it to another level next year.

“And that is what we are going to have to gear ourselves towards.

“It is disappointing today, but we just have to get over it, that’s football. You just have to take the good days with the bad ones.”