Could you name Donegal's top 25 Gaelic Footballers over last six decades?

See next two editions of new-look Donegal Democrat for the decision of our judges

Peter Campbell


Peter Campbell

Could you name Donegal's top 25 Gaelic Footballers over last six decades?

THE SELECTORS: Front Danny Dowds, Noreen Doherty and PJ Buggy. Back, Murt Collins, Edmund Brennan and Sports Ed Peter Campbell

Donegal Gaelic football has seen many good and not so good days over the past six decades. Over that time, who were the standout players to wear the green and gold for the county?

As part of our new-look Donegal Democrat from next Thursday (21st June) we decided to task five people from around the county to sit down with Sports Editor, Peter Campbell, and come up with the Best 25 Players over that period and arrange them in order of 1 to 25.

It was a major and unenviable task but we are grateful to all of them for taking the time and coming up with their personal
1 to 25. It was then the task of the Sports Editor to collate the votes and come up with the overall top 25.

It turned out that there was a tie for just one position on the list, and the jury met last week to make the final decision on that tie.

Apart from that, the final list is known only to the Sports Editor and will be revealed over the next two weeks in the Thursday Donegal Democrat.

On Thursday next, 21st June the list from No. 11 to 25 will be published, while in the issue of Thursday, 28th June, the Top Ten will be published.

"All I can reveal is that there is a great spread in the 25 to cover all of the six decades. Apart from the 25, and that is a very small number, there are many more who just missed out by small margins," said Sports Editor, Peter Campbell.

"I am also very aware that the final list will cause plenty of debate. Everybody has their own favourites and many of those will not be in the final 25. But that is the nature of picking any team.

"I would like to thank the five 'selectors' who helped me out in deciding the final outcome, for their time and patience and their great willingness to be involved.

"At the end of the day it will be just the opinion of the people involved and everyone is entitled to agree or disagree, but I just hope that it will generate interest and debate," he said.