Donegal manager Mickey McCann very happy with team's performance against Monaghan

Tom Comack


Tom Comack

Donegal manager Mickey McCann very happy with team's performance against Monaghan

Donegal hurling manager Mickey McCann

Donegal manager Mickey McCann was happy that the game plan worked a treat and that Donegal had put Monaghan away early.

The Donegal boss also admitted that he did not know what to expect from Monaghan after the Farney men had pulled off a surprise win over Donegal in last season’s championship.

“We did what had to be done and we did it well,” said the Donegal boss.

“After last year when Monaghan turned them over there was always a fear they would do it again,” added the former ace forward, who is in his first year in the job.

“We felt we were the better side but you never know what Monaghan team will turn up.

“It was a case for us of getting our own house in order. We set our stall out early and built up a good lead and never looked back.”

Donegal hit Monaghan for two goals in the opening six minutes courtesy  of Davin Flynn and Kevin Campbell.

“We watched them last week against Louth and we felt their full-back line would be vulnerable enough and it proved so in the early stages.

“We left space in there for Davin (Flynn) and Gerard (Gilmore) and Barney (Lafferty) and we got in for the two goals.”

Monaghan did pull a goal back through midfielder Mark Treanor, who ran through the heart of the defence from out round the middle of the field to score the goal.

“I had them warned about Mark Treanor, who lies out  of the play and when Monaghan turn the ball over and he gets the ball in his hands he can open up those legs.

“He got through far too easy and we told them at half-time that cannot happen again and they marshalled him well in the second half.

“We played Declan Coulter out at centre-forward today to get good quality ball into Davin and it worked well.

“But overall it was a good performance and we  now have a lot of headaches over selecting the team for the final. But it is a good complaint to have.”

Donegal have strength in depth and started with regular Lee Henderson on his way back from injury and former captain Joe Boyle, on the line.

“The one thing we go on is how the boys perform in training. We don’t go on names any more. The men going well in training are the ones selected and that is something we have changed this year.

“No position is safe and the lads on the field are under pressure to play well because they know there are men to come in and replace them.

We have a big two weeks now preparing for the final.”

Donegal face Warwickshire in the Nicky Rackard Cup final on Saturday week in Croke Park.

“I watched them playing Louth in the league final and they have a lot of good ‘down south’ men and a number of Antrim men and we are going to have to counteract their strengths and take a good look at them now.”