Donegal Jiu Jitsu competitor claims silver medal in World Championships in USA

Staff reporter


Staff reporter

Donegal Jiu Jitsu competitor claim world silver in World Championships in USA

T J McMenamin

Donegal man and veteran Jiu Jitsu competitor, TJ McMenamin, has won a silver medal, in Jiu Jitsu, at the 2017 International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) World No-Gi Championships, held recently at Anaheim Convention Centre, Los Angeles, California, USA.
TJ, from Convoy, took part in the Masters Division at medium heavyweight on the 17th, but lost out to referees decision in the the semi-finals, when no score points where given. He then later in the evening took part in the Open Weight competition, where he competed against other weight division medal winners. He won his next two fights over Ultra Heavyweight American fighters, but lost out to an advantage in a very close final, when on a tied 0-0 score with his Super Heavyweight opponent from Russia, but took silver for his efforts.
TJ is the IBJJF Master ranked overall world number three, from near 500 other IBJJF worldwide registered fighters, at his respective age and belt level. He is the highest European overall ranked fighter in his category.
TJ has also recently successfully secured sponsorship from Ireland's top rated Wolfhound Fightwear, which kits him out with all his competition fighting apparel for the rest of his competition season, and also from Milltown Car Sales, and Cleary & Co. Solicitors, to help with his competition expenses.