HARTE OF THE MATTER: On difficult times at Old Trafford

Jimmy Harte wonders what's gone wrong with United

Jimmy Harte


Jimmy Harte


HARTE OF THE MATTER: On difficult times at Old Trafford

As we watch the cross channel football season reach the halfway mark, we see the champions at the front of the pack.

Manchester City are almost home and dry and it's not even January yet. The gloomiest face hanging around the Premiership at the minute is that of Jose Mourinho whose season, and maybe career, is on the chopping block if the stars of Old Trafford finish in second place (if they are lucky) and without the Premiership trophy in their grasp.

Where are United in the pecking order among European or indeed Premiership terms? They’re doing very well and the performance the other week against Man City showed how far they are behind in terms of class and organisation.

I think you will see the end of Mourinho with Manchester Utd at the end of the season.

The influence of Alex Ferguson cannot be overlooked. Remember how Liverpool FC who went into freefall after the Kenny Dalglish era? I think United could be heading that way.

It's a shame for the millions of United fans all over the world to see United playing second fiddle to Man City. I'm sure there’s a lot of head-scratching going on in Old Trafford and if you were to watch Mourinho being interviewed these days, it would do little to inspire anyone.


How does a proud club like Manchester United lift themselves? It’s an interesting time to be a United supporter.

Donegal has a big Man United fan base.  There’s hardly a house in the county that isn't divided because of Man Utd and this will continue well into the future hopefully.


But it doesn't look good and unless they can produce another George Best or Bobby Charlton then they will be also-rans in the future. That’s not good if you are a United supporter, but good news if you support City.

Next season will show if City are a great team or a flash in the pan. They have a great manager in Pep Guardiola, who has European management experience behind him managing Barcelona and Bayern Munich . He will be in demand throughout Europe and clubs will be looking for him to replicate the job he has done at City.

I'm sure those in charge of City are aware of these pressures they will come under and if they can tie him down they will be the successful side for a while yet in Manchester.