Even the weather can't beat Shay's book-signing event

Lifford man delights his fans in Donegal town

Matt Britton


Matt Britton


Shay Given

Meeting up with the "Through the Gap" relations, Shay along with Joe and Helen Gillespie and Fiona, Adam and Meagan Mc Brearty in Donegal Town. INDD 1012 Shay 9 MVB

Shay Given proved why he was Ireland’s No. 1 for many years after displaying pure resilience and dedication to meet up with his fans in Donegal Town on Thursday.
The Lifford man had arranged a book signing at the Four Masters Bookshop in Donegal Town for his new book, “Any Given Saturday” and after arriving into Dublin Airport found that his flight to Carickfinn was delayed due to high winds.
Despite the hazardous road conditions and forecasted snow, Shay found the nearest rent a car and headed off to the North West.
He told the DPP/Democrat, “I just didn’t want to disappoint anybody who had made the effort and overall it wasn’t too bad. The funnier side of things was that my father Seamus was waiting patiently in Carrickfinn and he later told me that it took him longer to get to Donegal Town than it took me!”
In his autobiography Shay leaves no stone unturned - from tragically losing his mother, Agnes, when aged just 5, to being written off as too small to be a goalkeeper, the proud Donegal man has spent his entire career proving his critics wrong.
His book details all the highs and lows of a 20-year career at the very top of his profession and is a really great read, ideal as a Christmas present or just something to while away the time beside the fire at Christmas.

Shay meets up with Stevie Coleman at his book-signing in Donegal Town. INDD 1012 Shay 4 MVB