DONEGAL CO. FINAL REACTION: Patrick McBrearty was destined for this day - 24 years on - Carol McBrearty

Peter Campbell


Peter Campbell

DONEGAL CO. FINAL REACTION: Patrick McBrearty was destined for this day - 24 years on - Carol McBrearty

Patrick McBrearty meets Joanne O'Riordan after the game on Sunday.

Peter Campbell @dgldemocrat

“It’s absolutely fantastic and to think 24 years when they last won, Patrick was only a couple of weeks old. He was about six weeks.

“I was just saying to Seamus this week: Were you at that game? And if you were, why were you there?” laughs Carol McBrearty, speaking ahead of the team arriving in Kilcar on Sunday night.

“To me that is a lifetime ago, and now 24 years later, it seems it was meant for him; and for Stephen.”

While it is a proud moment to have two sons on a championship winning team, remaining safe and injury free is always the first concern for Carol: “That is the one thing I always say, as long as you come back here tonight safe, that’s all I want, and injury free. That’s all you wish for as a mother. Okay, if they lose, you’re picking up the pieces, the moods and the disappointments, but success is great.”

Asked if she can enjoy the games, she says: “I do enjoy it. I am very relaxed and don’t do this (shouting). It’s other people around me, doing my head in. I’m very composed and as long as the boys play to the best of their capabilities. They are playing from a very young age and they can have good days and bad days but as far as I’m concerned they owe nobody anything.”

The McBreartys never miss a game that the boys are playing in. “From U-10 we have never missed a game. We can’t organise holidays but Seamus and myself wouldn’t be anywhere else. Our holiday this year was with the Donegal fund-raiser in New York and whenever they are, we are.

“But listen, we have had a wonderful journey down through the years with the boys and we’ve had a great life with them. They have brought us wonderful joy as a family.

“The captain thing; Patrick was never captain very often down through the years in Kilcar and I think now at this stage he is coming into his own and it’s great that the recognition is there for him,” said a proud mum.