KILCAR REACTION: 'Holyjemogley, what is he taking on' - Mickey Billy Doherty

Peter Campbell


Peter Campbell

KILCAR REACTION: 'Holyjemogley, what is he taking on' - Mickey Billy Doherty

The Dohertys celebrate with the Dr. Maguire

Peter Campbell @dgldemocrat

“It is the greatest feeling a father can have about a son. At the beginning of the year when I heard that Barry Doherty was to be manager, I said to myself, ‘what in holyjemogely is he taking on!. What’s the plan’, says Mickey Billy Doherty, speaking after the cup was back in Kilcar on Sunday night.

“And some time after that Barry’s wife, Martine, said to me, ‘Mickey, wouldn’t it be something if he took this Dr. Maguire into Kilcar!’

“She was saying this before a league game was played. And I says, ‘Listen Martine, the Dr. Maguire hasn’t been in Kilcar in 24 years and it’s the biggest prize in Donegal senior football. I says, ‘howl your tongue; play the league games’ and as the whole thing unfolded this summer, there was something telling me, deep down, that there was a great story unfolding. There was something telling me, could this be happening.

“And then today in MacCumhaill Park, I sat in the stand with wife and grandchildren and I could see the Dr. Maguire on the steps and to now have it; I was a proud man.

“I was proud for Barry too, and Eamonn, but I was proud from the place where I’m from.

“And I said that at the Michael Doherty Tournament all over the years, when all them players were playing. Don’t ever forget where you come from, no matter where you go in this great country, never forget where you were born and bred.

“The big days will come and the Sam Maguire came but the Dr. Maguire was still away distant. But then today. Peter, isn’t it some story.

“I’m proud of my family; I’m proud of the club. Sure you’re half a Kilcar man yourself,” Mickey laughs, as he goes on to talk about Barry managing Na Rossa last year and the praise heaped on him by Declan Bonner in his weekly column.

“And then when the call came this year (in Kilcar), he put up his hand. And the players stood up with him. They are a great team and they can play different types of football. If they were allowed to play today, God only knows what the score would be. Kilcar coped very well and that is why we are celebrating,” says Mickey.