DONEGAL CO. FINAL REACTION: 'Right up there with 2012' - Mark McHugh


DONEGAL CO. FINAL REACTION: 'Right up there with 2012' - Mark McHugh

Tom Comack @dgldemocrat

Martin McHugh has won Ulster titles, an All-Ireland and is an Al-Star footballer from 2012.

But an emotional Mark McHugh admitted after yesterday’s final win over Naomh Conaill, that a Donegal championship medal was the one he coveted most of all.

“It's the one I always wanted. I'm actually a bit emotional today,” said Mark.

“We've worked so hard over these last five years but we came up short and today, even though it wasn’t great to watch, we had a job to do.

“Glenties didn't come out in the second half and we weren't going to change our tactics. We won the game and that's all we care about”

On his winning the man of the match award Mark said:

“I got on ball a lot but listen, them games are all about getting over the line.”

And the versatile Mark also insisted that the win had not satisfied the appetite and he hoped that they could go on and win more.

“We've Ulster to look forward to now. Over the next number of years we can go on to win two or three county championships and that will be our focus.

“We're a young team. You've only got Michael Hegarty and Conor Mc(Shane) who have been about a long time.

“We're all young men. The oldest is probably 28. We're going to be there fighting for championships for years to come.”

The win he also insisted was right up there with the 2012 All-Ireland.

“Apart from the All-Ireland final on 2012 there's not much comes close to this. It's for families in the parish – for schools, parents, coaches.

“Its mums and dads that wash the boots and get the dinner ready for players. Everybody involved in the community.

“Everybody knows Kilcar, we're a small community and we just live and breathe football and hopefully we've given something back after the heartache last year.

“We set stall out at start of year it's the only thing that you want to do. We would give our left leg to be here after what happened last year. We weren't going to let it slip today,” said McHugh.


Glenties went defensive and we didn't want to be busting through and breaking tackles only for them to turn us over. We just decided to keep the ball and wait for them to come out. They didn't come out so we decided to keep the ball more. Any time they did come out we broke the line. We hit a few bad wides But we don't care. We're county champions. I'm very emotional,” said McHugh.