DONEGAL CO FINAL REACTION: ‘Kilcar one of five teams that could dominate for years’ - John McNulty

Peter Campbell


Peter Campbell

DONEGAL CO FINAL REACTION: ‘Kilcar one of five teams that could dominate for years’ - John McNulty

John McNulty pictured with Eoin McHugh, Patrick McBrearty and Mark McHugh after the Donegal final.

John McNulty along with Neilly Byrne was praised by captain, Patrick McBrearty, in his speech at the homecoming in Kilcar on Sunday night for their work as coaches with the players in the recent past.

“I would have had an association with them all. I would have managed every one of them in the past and I’m exceptionally proud of them today.

“Obviously it was lovely of Paddy (McBrearty) to mention it and I really appreciate it. I’m just delighted with the result today,” said John McNulty, speaking afterwards.

As for the big win in MacCumhaill Park, McNulty said: “You have to give full credit to Barry Doherty for what he done this year. To win the county championship - we all know that Kilcar have been waiting 24 years - and to come along today, it is a massive achievement for him and his management team.

“I thought the players stuck well to what they had to do. Glenties were very defensive as if they scared of Kilcar. It was surprising that they spent the whole game being afraid of Kilcar. I could understand the first half, but I felt that in the last 15 minutes they would really press us but realistically, it seemed that they were happy enough not to get hammered.

“They did have chances but they were from far out. And a lot of them some would be called pot shots. They were going to be massive scores and it didn’t happen. In the end they lost two players and I thought we tidied up well after that.

“I felt if I was a Glenties player tonight I would be disappointed (that they didn’t go for it more).”

The former Kilcar senior manager, now plying his trade with St. Naul’s, feels it means a lot to the people and the team.

“As a team, they can really push on from here. I know there are a few guys whether next year or this year, who might retire, but we have a lot of young players coming in there at the minute. When I look at the county, I think Kilcar are as good as anything in the county for a number of years.

“You take Gaoth Dobhair, St. Eunan’s, Glenties and Glenswilly, and really after that there’s a big gap. And I don’t see that being closed any time soon, when you look at the underage.

“Gaoth Dobhair are a serious team for the future; Glenties will always be there; St. Eunan’s have the numbers and Glenswilly with Neil Gallagher back will be a threat. Outside that I can’t see anyone able to compete for a senior championship,” said John.