BRIAN McENIFF: Manager's job is big decision and best man must get it

Staff reporter


Staff reporter

BRIAN McENIFF: Manager's job is big decision and best man must get it

We now know who is interested in replacing Rory Gallagher in the vacant senior manager’s job.

All I want to say at this stage is that I want the best man is selected for the job. Because as we have seen in the past we haven’t always covered ourselves in glory in the way we carried out the process and arrived at the decision.

We saw the way Jim McGuinness had to go through the process three times before he finally got the job.

It is a big decision and I’m not for one minute saying it is an easy one. But it is important that it it is done fairly and that everything is above board and best man for the job gets the job.

Afterall, it is for the good of football in the county and not for the good of individuals.

Full marks to the Donegal Competitions Control Committee for bringing forward their annual fixtures review of the structures in the county.

It is normally much later when the football is all over and people are taking a break and recharging the batteries for the next season.

They have brought it forward to tonight Monday while the season is in full swing and everyone is still in games mode.

There is talk of increasing the number of teams in Divisions One and Two from the current ten to 15 with one round of games.

This would mean less games, down from 18 to 14. But with the extra teams and only two relegated and promoted, it might encourage clubs to play without their county players.

The availability of county players is also an issue and must be addressed. Let’s take Bundoran as an example. Bundoran had Paul and Jamie Brennan for only one out of nine league games they played in-a-row. That is not good for clubs or club football and it is not good for the players either. In the case of Paul Brennan, he wasn’t getting a game with the county either which was no good for him.

My faith was restored in football during the week. I was at an U-13 championship game between Bundoran and Naomh Brid/Pettigo down in Trummon, Naomh Brid’s ground. It ended 8-17 to 8-16 in favour of Naomh Brid/Pettigo.

It was a brilliant game of football, end to end action from the first whistle to the last. They were two evenly matched and well coached teams. It could have gone either way and I know the Bundoran boys were disappointed.

But I don’t think anyone in Bundoran begrudged Naomh Brid/Pettigo the win.

Brian McEniff was in conversation with Tom Comack.