Donegal 1992 All-Ireland winning team - a special bunch

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Donegal 1992 All-Ireland winning team - a special bunch

Donegal Demorat Sports Editor pictured with Peter Quinn, former President of the GAA

1992 team - a special bunch

On Thursday last we gathered in the Abbey Hotel, Donegal Town for a book launch. The occasion was the launch of our book, ‘History Makers’ - which was put together to mark the 25th anniversary of Donegal’s 1992 All-Ireland win.

When you have a book launch, you always worry will anyone turn up. But we need not have worried. Any time the 1992 All-Ireland success is mentioned, there is something about them that they will always be popular.

Last October, it was a similar story when Donal Reid launched his autobiography in the same hotel; there was apprehension beforehand, but we shouldn’t have worried. It was packed for that occasion.

On Thursday night we listened again to Peter Quinn, who was President of the GAA in 1992, and handed the Sam Maguire to Anthony Molloy, and that pride of being able to do so still ranks high as one of the favourite moments for the Fermanagh man.

He spoke with great clarity about the games and the time and he said that Donegal’s win had been a catalyst for other Ulster teams to shake off an inferiority complex that had denied most Ulster teams apart from Down before that.

Anthony Molloy stole the show with his wit and his honesty. The big Ardara man’s charisma continues to be his greatest trait. He has carried the responsibility of representing this groundbreaking team with great humility and he remains as popular as ever.

There was plenty of banter and reminiscing in the bar before and afterwards. Any time you have Padraig Carr around there is bound to be plenty to talk about. He is threatening to bring out his own autobiography but he says he hasn’t found a publisher (or a legal adviser) to make it happen!

We should always remember and continue to celebrate what this team from 1992 have done for Donegal GAA. They conducted themselves with style in 1992 and they continue to do so. The way they have gone about celebrating the 25th anniversary of the success is testimony to that. They have already raised the money to make it happen and along with Magees sponsorship of suits, they will continue to represent Donegal with some style in Croke Park on the third Sunday of September, their next big outing, as part of the All-Ireland final day celebrations.

They are also organising a Special Banquet in the Abbey Hotel on October 20th.

The book launched on Thursday night was a labour of love for this writer and hopefully it will be enjoyed by anyone who picks it up. Every effort was made to cover all aspects of the success, the highs and the lows.

For anyone interested it is available throughout the county and also in our offices in Letterkenny and Donegal Town and costs just €10.

Hurling mess

It has happened in football and now it has happened in hurling. Rules, it seems, are made to be broken. Should Austin Gleeson be allowed to play for Waterford in the All-Ireland hurling final?

Most supporters of hurling would say that it is good for the game to have such a talent playing in the final. But if he had committed his offence in an earlier round, he would surely have been suspended. Why is he being treated differently because it is the final?

He is one of the best hurlers we have seen in a long time and maybe it is good that he gets to play in the final. But it only happens after another weird case of GAA justice!