Brian McEniff: Well done to Donegal Democrat for their publication 'History Makers'

Tom Comack


Tom Comack

Brian McEniff:  Well done to Donegal Democrat for their publication 'History Makers'

Patrick Temple, Danny McMenamin and Anthony Molloy with replica Magee 1992 jersey

First of all this week a big well done to Michael Daly, Peter Campbell and everybody at the Democrat.
They have produced a brilliant special commemorative publication to mark the 25th anniversary of the 1992 All-Ireland success.
It is a superb publication, packed with articles, stories, player profiles and really chronicles the great journey though Ulster and on to the All-Ireland final.
It is also jam packed with photos of great moments, both for the players, management and supporters.
It is simply brilliant and a special word of congratulations to Sports Editor, Peter Campbell, who designed and put the whole publication together.
I was honoured to be invited to the launch of the new publication in the Abbey Hotel on Thursday night.
It was great to see the boys from ‘92 that were present on the night.
It is no great secret that they are all very special to me and as I told them on Thursday night, I loved every one of them. They are simply a great bunch of men.
Big Anthony (Molloy) spoke very well and I was also delighted to see former President of the GAA, Peter Quinn, present on the night.
He spoke in glowing terms of the team of 1992 and what not only they had done for Donegal but for Ulster football over all.
It was fitting that Peter was present because he was the President to hand over the Sam Maguire Cup to Anthony.
It was great to see the big turnout of supporters on Thursday night - all the familiar faces that followed us through thick and thin and at times when we were not going so well.
It was a great night and brought all those memories, though they are never too far away, flooding back away.
I have to say, too, that I was delighted Peter Quinn picked Martin Shovlin for special tribute and paid tribute to his bravery and making the call on his fitness on the morning of the final. I know how difficult a decision it was for Martin because I was there when he made it. It was a big call, but the right one.
I wasn’t aware until I read it in the Democrat last week that he had recently been accused of opting out of the final because he was afraid.
Well Martin can I tell you that you would be hard pressed to find a Donegal supporter that believes that for one minute.
Martin was as brave a player as ever played for Donegal. The brave decision in ‘92 was to make the call you did.
Martin you were always a team man and you will be always held in the highest esteem by me, your playing colleagues and genuine Donegal supporters.

Brian McEniff was in conversation with Tom Comack.