Big win for Glenfin against relegation rivals Killybegs

Staff reporter


Staff reporter

Big win for Glenfin against relegation rivals Killybegs

Hugh McFadden . . . 0-8 for Killybegs, but not enough

Glenfin took a giant step towards saving their Division Two status with a hard-earned one point win in Fintra.

Killybegs 1-11

Glenfin 1-12

The defeat means that Killybegs are in dire trouble at the bottom of the table, five points adrift with seven games left.

The home side were three points adrift at the break, as Glenfin led 0-7 to 0-4 and both sides recorded goals in the second period as Glenfin maintained that three point advantage to the final whistle.

Hugh McFadden did his best for Killybegs, notching 0-8 of their total.  All of the Donegal county panellists turned out.

KILLYBEGS: Antoine O’Hara; D McClean, N Carbery, S Muirhead; C Cunningham, E Ban Gallagher, D McGuinness (0-1); H McFadden (0-8), J McSharry (0-1); D O’Keeney (1-0), M Finnerty, J Behan; J Ban Gallagher, D Breslin (0-1), E Broderick.

GLENFIN: Liam O’Meara; D Carr, P McGrath, G Herron; K Doherty, D McGlynn, G Dorrian (0-2); H Foy, F McGlynn (0-1); K McGlynn, J Morrow,  S Carr (1-4); C McBride, C Brady (0-1), E Donnellan (0-1).