Donegal were well worthy of win against Meath


Donegal were well worthy of win against Meath

I have to say it was a most enjoyable game in Navan and it was a big experience for our young lads.

Meath showed us what it is to be in a battle. Then we got the goal and I was thinking of leaving early as my car was not parked in a great spot, but Meathresponded as onlly they can do. It was a highly entertaining occasion with a great atmosphere.

But hats off to our lads for sticking at it.

I have to single out Michael Murphy as he pulled the strings all day from midfield. It was a masterclass. He covered everywhere on the field.

Patrick McBrearty has been hitting the high spots over the last few weeks and his winner was sheer class. I almost did my back as I jumped when it went over.

I have to say, too, that Ryan McHugh was super in the second half. By and large a lot of players gave of their best.

In a way Donegal were different class, even though we only won by a point. There was that difference between Division One and Two.

It’s nice to be in the hat and I would have no fear of what’s left for us. The way we upped our performance when needed is very encouraging. We have a pathway now back to Croke Park, which would be a great achievement for what is a very young side.

I would like also to commend the great Donegal support in Navan, and personally I am always happy when we beat Meath, because you know it’s a good day’s work when you beat them.

The atmosphere in Navan was wonderful. The Meath supporters really get behind their team, and Donegal matched them. For a Saturday evening, there was a really good support in Navan.


Just one footnote. I was at a club game in Kilcar recently and was really impressed with Ciaran McGinley at midfield. I know he was involved with Donegal before, but I feel there is still a place for him in the county set up. He could bring a physical presence and he is also very mobile and accurate. I think he scored five or six points from midfield that day and seems to score in every club game.


The Ulster final on Sunday will see the 1992 team honoured at half-time. It will be a great occasion and thanks to Magees of Donegal the team will be well kitted out for the occasion.

Brian McEniff was in conversation with Peter Campbell