Brian McEniff column: Far too easy but a win is a win


Brian McEniff column: Far too easy but a win is a win

I don’t know if it ever happened before. But I left yesterday’s game before the final whistle.

I was gone before the Antrim goal. And the game was long over before I left.

It was far too easy for Donegal. But in fairness to Donegal you can only play what is put in front of you.

It was close up to Jamie Brennan scoring the goal. It was 0-7 to 0-6 at the time

But once the goal went in it was lights out for Antrim and Donegal blew them away in the second half.

It is really is hard to know what to make of it because Donegal won it without ever coming getting out of third gear.

If there were negatives they were that Antrim and particular Tomás McCann caused us problems under the high ball early on.

Antrim did open us up, too, at the back a number of times in those early stages and were a little unlucky not to score a couple of goals.

Other than the result, the other positives from the game were that the young lads all got a taste of championship football.

But you would have to question how close the game was to real championship football and what they will face next day out against Tyrone or Derry.

I expect that to be Tyrone because the reports coming out of Derry aren’t good. There are plenty of good footballers in Derry, but it is hard to get them to commit to the county.

I suppose when you see Karl Lacey, Martin McElhinney and Patrick McBrearty coming on as subs it does underline the strength-in-depth in the squad.

Patrick scored 1-2 and looked sharp; Karl kicked a good point and young Michael Langan, another of the young lads, also came on and scored two points.

There is not much more I can say about the game other than it was good to win and to be looking forward to an Ulster semi-final.

But everyone be aware there are much stiffer tests down the road.

Finally, I have to say I was very disappointed with the minor result. A draw would have been a fair result and another crack at it.

But when you look at Antrim; they scored 21 points against us to our 2-14. It was 21 scores to 16. And you have to take into account that our first goal in the first half was a very sloppy score. Antrim were the better team and deserved to win.

Brian McEniff was in conversation with Tom Comack.