Tyrone will still be a threat in the summer - Hugh McFadden


Tyrone will still be a threat in the summer - Hugh McFadden

Tom Comack sport@donegaldemocrat.com @dgldemocrat

Hugh McFadden kicked two big points in Saturday night’s win over Tyrone and overall turned in a good performance.

But while the young Killybegs man was happy with the result and the two points he was quick to point out that it was only the league.

And he argued that Tyrone would be a different prospect when the sun is higher in the sky next summer.

“We would be relatively happy with the result; we knew it was going to be a titanic battle with Tyrone as it usually is,” said McFadden.

“The conditions led to a game that whichever team got in front were going to be able to get men back and hopefully see them through.

“All in all we would be happy and it is two league points and bring us up the table a bit.”

One of the most pleasing aspects of Saturday night’s, 0-12 to 0-6 win, was that Donegal had eight different scorers.

“Rory (Gallagher) pointed out that our conversion rate in the Ulster final was not good enough or the amount of chances we took.

“We are working on trying to get more capable shooters around the field.

“Rory has given guys a license to have a go and Ciaran Thompson showed it tonight. Ryan got a point, Cian Mulligan came in and shot straight away and kicked a great score. And even Paddy McGrath got up for a point.

“It was a difficult wind, it was not favouring anyone, the way it was swirling and we would be happy enough with our return tonight in the conditions.”

Tyrone are a good side but are not probably as good as they are being painted.

“The media probably have over hyped Tyrone’s performances in the league so far.

“They are a very good team as we all know but they have not been as strong in the league as is being suggested.

“I think they will build now towards the summer. The weather and conditions favoured the team that took the initiative from the off and went three or four points up.

“It allowed us to get numbers behind the ball and it was very hard for them to claw us back in the wet conditions and the ground was very soggy.

“They have a lot of fast players like Tiarnan McCann and Niall Sludden but they could not get the pace up today.

“We are still very aware that Tyrone team can be a massive threat to us in the summer.”

On a personal level Hugh is happy with his own game and is happy that he is being given a chance to stake a claim for a permanent place in the team.

“I have played a lot of football for Donegal in a very unselfish role and you learn a lot from playing the game as sweeper.

“You take on a lot of responsibility in communication and organisation when playing sweeper.

“Probably now because Patrick (McBrearty) is injured and we wanted a more physical presence around the square I have got my chance.

“I played a lot of club football around the square and I was happy to kick two points tonight.

“I probably should have caught one or two more long balls but overall I’m happy the way it has gone for me over the last two games.”