READ THE REID:St. Patrick would not be happy if he was around today

Modern youth don't care much about St. Patrick's message

READ THE REID:St. Patrick would not be happy if he was around today

Spring has sprung. The evenings are stretching, the weather is getting milder and the Donegal GAA clubs bounced into action last weekend. The national football and hurling leagues enter their penultimate series of games this weekend and St. Patrick will once again give us a day off to celebrate all things Irish on Friday. Not that too many care about St. Patrick these days. March 17th is a welcomed break during the season of Lent for people who follow the Christian season of fasting and austere Lenten regimes.

St. Patrick’s Day is afforded so much attention in modern times with celebrations worldwide and even the GAA All-Ireland club finals take place on this date. When I was growing up it was the inter-provincial finals that took place on St. Patrick’s Day.

For Catholics, this is a ‘holy day of obligation’ which unfortunately isn’t even adhered to by most people who call themselves Catholic. Indeed, anything Catholic is seen as outdated and almost defunct in modern day Ireland. It’s sad to think that most of our youth don’t know that the shamrock was used by St. Patrick to explain the Trinity. It isn’t their fault because we as parents fail to enlighten our children. It’s a mad, mad world out there in the modern new world where moral relativism has taken over, i.e. you have your truth and I have mine.

Have you ever heard of a guy called George Soros? Well he’s a very wealthy man who believes that he may be some sort of “god”. Known by some as “the godfather of the left”, Soros is a major source of funding for the US Democratic party.

Here’s what the Irish Independent wrote on 20th August 2016: “A foundation headed up by George Soros, one of the world's richest people, is providing financial backing to organisations seeking to repeal the constitutional prohibition of abortion. A leaked strategy document details how Soros's Open Society Foundation planned to fund Amnesty International Ireland, the Abortion Rights Campaign and the Irish Family Planning Association. The move was said to be part of a strategy to force the repeal of the Eighth Amendment, potentially setting off a chain reaction in other strongly Catholic countries in Europe.

The three organisations confirmed to the Irish Independent they had received grants from the foundation”. Irish abortion campaigners, who are looking to have abortion on demand legalised, are happy to use George Soros’s cash to sway voters in an Irish referendum on a highly divisive issue. The Soros network has profited from the funding of the decline in cultures and economies. Soros was convicted of insider trading in France in 2002, a court determining that he had "acted with the knowledge that the bank might be a takeover target," according to Bloomberg.

He postures himself as a philanthropist through his Open Society Foundations who has spent billions to transform America. His Progressive Network is advancing educational content in American schools, the transgender movement, drug legalisation, the sex worker industry, abortion, euthanasia and open borders. He endeavours to give an impression of the moral high ground by funding what his foundations term “evangelical and catholic mascots” such as Catholic United, Catholic in Alliance for the Common Good, Catholic for Choice, National Council for Churches, Evangelicals for Human Rights, Sojourners, PICO and Faith in Public Life to name but a few.

Is it any wonder that people today are confused? But this is Soros’s ploy. He funds left-wing politicians, the latest being Hillary Clinton who failed miserably when America voted last November. If you haven’t seen a programme called ‘Clinton Cash’ then you should. It is readily available on YouTube. Clinton said during her acceptance speech for the Margaret Sanger Award, the founder of Planned Parenthood that “I admire Margaret Sanger enormously”. If you don’t know about Planned Parenthood or Margaret Sanger, then educate yourself. She is the person who said “Slavs, Latin, and Hebrew immigrants are human weeds…a deadweight of human waste. Blacks, soldiers and Jews are a menace to the race”.

The Soros network of money and activists breaks down life giving wisdom of marriage and the family with progressive education, alternative identities and sexualities, abortion and soon euthanasia.

Aly Nielsen of Newsbusters revealed that of the 158 groups involved in organising/promoting the recent Women’s March on Washington a quarter of them got funding from Soros, totalling $90m. Jay Syrmopoulos of the Free Thought Project said that Soros “imposes his agenda on states under the guise of promoting a free and open society”

Fortunately, some governments and groups have begun to fight back. A global initiative in Macedonia was announced recently. Stop Operation Soros (SOS) is aimed at exposing and countering the political and social engineering the billionaire is engaged in across the world. A founder of the movement Nicola Srbov said that “Soros has monopolised the civil society sector pushing out any organisation which disagrees with his ideology. Hungary’s prime minister Victor Orban said civil society groups financed from abroad were covers for “paid political activists”. He added that “I would not like to see a change in the culture of this piece of land we call Hungary, I love this country”.

I wonder how many other governments will have the courage to stand up to the likes of Soros. He is a puppet master and we are his puppets. St. Patrick may be celebrated all over the world but if he was alive today he would certainly be a very disappointed man. Ireland, a country which he loved, is slowly but surely becoming a more irreligious country.

Like the puppets of most other western nations we are succumbing to the stealth of the likes of George Soros.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!