McEniff view:A great Donegal performance against Dublin


McEniff view:A great Donegal performance against Dublin

It was a wonderful result and there is no other way to describe yesterday’s draw with Dublin, the All-Ireland champions.

It was a tough, hard game in difficult conditions. But we showed great character and tactically Rory had them set up well.

We looked in trouble when they went 0-5 to 0-1 up. When Ciaran Thompson kicked our second point, I gave Noel Ferry beside me a nudge and said it would be great if we could sneak a goal before half-time.

Little did I think we would hit two and lead at half-time.

The goals were a real turning point. It gave the young lads the confidence to go at the Dubs. Up to the goals I felt they were in awe of Dublin.

In the second half, while we were a little defensive, we played well and held them to 1-3, four scores. And by my reckoning Dublin, only kicked one wide in the second half.

I thought our defence played well and that our full-back line were excellent.

Paddy McGrath had a great game. Neil McGee made a number of great surges up the field and Eoghan ‘Ban’ Gallagher was very good in the other corner.

Ryan McHugh played well and got up to score the second goal. Caolan Ward had a good game at centre half-back and was in the my running for man of the match.

Paul Brennan did okay before being taken off. Ciaran Thompson and Caolan McGee with Michael Murphy alongside had fine games in midfield.

I felt the half-forward line had a quiet game. Marty O’Reilly had his quietest game so far, Michael Carroll gave a lot of ball away. Eoin McHugh was the best of this line, but got turned over a good few times. Frank McGlynn back to near his best.

With Frank and Michael out the field, Jamie Brennan, was left up on his own. He was involved in both goals, but overall found it tough going.

I left Michael Murphy to last and what can one say about Michael. He was colossal again yesterday. He is a general. He dictates the whole game and he dictated for us again yesterday.

It was some result when you think that Jim Gavin went for the heavy artillery in the second half with the introduction of Paul Flynn, Michael Darragh Macauley and Kevin McManamon.

It was a great point and puts us in a good position with four games to play.

Brian McEniff was in conversation with Tom Comack.