Final round of Winter Showjumping League approaching fast

Final round of Winter Showjumping League approaching fast

The build up to the final round of Winter Showjumping League at Deane’s Equestrian Centre has begun and there is still a chance for the leaders to be caught if they make any mistakes.

In the Junior Champion Rider competition Amy Gardner on Tilly has sprung into the lead on 60 points with Rebecca Morrow, Ally McClay and Hollie Bradley just one clear round behind on 50 points. Amy will need to jump clear on the final day to maintain her lead and avoid a jump off round against the clock.

In the Senior Champion Rider competition it is Lucy Stewart on Dedo leading the competition with 60 points while Martin McGowan on Jacko are still on 50 points and Marie Molloy on Ruby is on 45 points to date. The leading Riding Club member is Charlie Vial on 40 points with Cyndi Graham back on 30 points.

The final of the Winter League takes place on the 5th of March so the riders have two weeks to prepare.

RESULTS - Clear rounds

Starter Stakes

Bronagh Carrothers, Anagaire, Meenarillagh

Amy Gardner, Rockhill, Little Charlie

Dean Burgess, Bruckless, Truffles


Rebecca Morrow, Donegal, Lincoln

Amy Gardner, Rockhill, Uisce

Danielle Green, Donegal, Uisce

Katie Boyd, Dunkineely, Meenarillagh


Melissa Dilworth, Irvinstown, Poppy


Ally McClay, Rockhill, Dottie

Amy Gardner, Rockhill, Tilly

Lucy Stewart, Mountcharles, Dedo


Charlie Vial, Killybegs, Buddy

Lucy Stewart, Mountcharles, Dedo

Cyndi Graham, St John’s Pt, Dougal


Charlie Vial, Killybegs, Buddy.