McEniff view: Donegal will be up for Dublin test

Tyrone showed us how to play Dubs

McEniff view: Donegal will be up for Dublin test

Dublin, the All-Ireland champions, are coming to town nextSunday and are next up for Donegal in the league.

It's always nice to see the Dubs in Ballybofey. We haven’t seen them there in a few years. I’m really looking forward to the game and last weekend Tyrone showed us how to play them.

It’s a great opportunity for the young lads in the team and a chance to test themselves against the top team in the country.

Except for Diarmuid Connolly, Dublin don’t have any outstanding forwards, and Chrissy McKaigue showed how to play him in the club semi-final last Saturday week. McKaigue went out and played his own game and let Connolly worry about him.

Dublin have a number of quality players from midfield back. Brian Fenton is one of the best midfielders about at the minute and Jack McCaffrey is an outstanding half-back. Of course Stephen Cluxton is a brilliant goalkeeper and has taken the art of goalkeeping to a new level, especially with his kick-outs. Johnny Cooper isn’t a big man but he’s a quality full-back and James McCarthy is a good attacking wing-back.

People in Dublin were crowing after a club selection beat Louth to win the O’Byrne Cup. They claimed they could field a third team that would put it up to most county selections. I don’t buy into that idea, but I do accept they have two good squads.

They will be a big test and there is no getting away from that. They are a quality outfit and if their two games to date in the league are anything to go by, they are taking the league seriously. They are odds on favourites to claim a fifth league crown in-a-row.

After last weekend’s win in Roscommon we are in good enough shape and hopefully the squad will be getting stronger.

With the one week break, Frank McGlynn will have two good weeks' training behind him and Karl Lacey should be getting closer to a return too.

I feel we may have to revert back to a more defensive set-up than we employed against Kerry and Roscommon. We may have to use a sweeper. Tyrone did it last Saturday night and it worked a treat.

I think if we don’t, Dublin could really punch holes in us at the back.

It will be a big test, but we’ll find out where we’re at in the general scheme of things.

Brian McEniff was in conversation to Tom Comack.