Gender quota a crazy idea and not achievable in such a short time

Gender quota a crazy idea and not achievable in such a short time

Last Sunday’s County Convention was quieter than normal and ran off fairly smoothly.

There was only the one election for places on the executive. It’s a long time, if ever, since that has happened before.

I certainly can’t recall a year when so many of those at the top table were returned unopposed.

Congratulations to Liam McElhinney, who was elected as one of our Ulster Council representatives, along with PJ McGowan. Congratulations also to PJ, who was returned to the provincial body.

The best of luck to the other two men that are on the new executive board Conor McDermott, the Coaching Officer and Gary Duffy, the Children’s Officer.

I’m not convinced the way we run Convention is the right way. I know in the past they went on for a whole day and often took another meeting to finish the business.

I see a lot of counties now hold their Conventions on a week night and they seem to get them run off in much quicker time.

We did try a week night in the past for a couple of years not all that long ago but for some strange reason we have reverted back to Sunday again.

On the topic of Convention and the make-up of the executive the latest proposal from government that all boards and top management structures of the GAA and all other sports governing bodies be made up of at least 30% female members is difficult to understand.

The government are talking about imposing it by 2019, which is just two years away. Any body that will not comply with the 30% quota will be docked funding.

I think it is a crazy policy and besides looking at it from a GAA point of view - I suspect most of the other big sports bodies are in the same boat - even if you were in favour it is not feasible in such a short timeframe.

I’m all for more women involved in the GAA and in fairness in Donegal we have quite a good record. Our current runai condae is a woman and when you look back three of the last six runai condae were female. And we’ve had a female treasurer in recent times and we have large numbers of female officers at club level.

And it is a similar story around the country so I don’t see a need for a quota at all.

Brian McEniff was in conversation with Tom Comack.