Rory's freshening things up

New faces need to be given a chance

Rory's freshening things up

It's good to see that Rory Gallagher has drafted in a number of young players to his squad for next season.

It is generally felt that the squad is in something of a transition and fresh blood is required going forward. Hopefully these players will be given a chance to impress in the course of the Dr McKenna Cup and the National League.

And there is no reason why they shouldn’t. Rory has a new term and is not under any pressure for results.

We have four league games at home which should make it easier.

The best thing might be to try out the young lads in the early games and if we come under pressure for points in the later games, we can always turn to the more experienced men in the squad.

It wouldn’t be the end of the world either if we were to make the drop to Division Two. Look at our neighbours Tyrone. They have rebuilt nicely in the second tier over the last couple of years and are back up in the top flight again.

It's good to see that Karl Lacey and Frank McGlynn are staying on as well. They may not be the players they were but they have a wealth of experience and still have something to offer.

One thing I would like to see Rory doing in 2017 is when he picks a panel for a game, that he releases the remaining five or six players back to the clubs, for club football. This issue just doesn't apply to Rory, it is a common problem in most counties.

By not releasing these players, the manager is denying them football. In the long run it's no good to the manager as they are not going to improve as players if they are not getting games.

It would also make a big difference to the players' clubs who might be under pressure to have the numbers to field.

I know I have been banging the drum for the All County Leagues to be played on a regional basis rather than the current format. So far I have lost the argument. But I do think it might be at least worth giving it a try at reserve football level. The teams would be made up of clubs from all four reserve leagues and the games could be played midweek.

Brian was in conversation with Tom Comack.