McGee takes a swipe at Jim McGuinness over black card comments

McGee takes a swipe at Jim McGuinness over black card comments

Eugene McGee, the chairman of the GAA Football Review Committee and Irish Independent columnist, has taken a swipe at Donegal All-Ireland winning manager Jim McGuinness.

McGee, an All-Ireland winning manager with Offaly in 1982, speaking on Midlands 103 radio on Tuesday, was reacting to comments made by the former Donegal boss in his column in the Irish Times on Tuesday morning, in relation to the black card.

Under the heading ‘ Black card is ruining football’ McGuinness said that the black card had dominated the final.

He felt Mayo’s Kevin McLoughlin and Dublin’s John Small were blessed not to be shown black cards.

And he also admitted that going by the letter of the law Johnny Cooper’s black card was technically correct. But he also felt it was it still was harsh on the Dublin full-back.

“The ball wasn’t even in play at the time and it is a nothing moment in the middle of the feld.

But the card that broke the camel’s back as far as McGuinness is concerned is the black card shown to Mayo’s Lee Keegan.

“The Lee Keegan decision proved without question that the black card is flawed,” said McGuinness.

“Eugene McGee, one of its architects, has said that it has cleaned up the game. In my opinion, the black card is ruining the game.”

When this was put to McGee his response was: "Jim McGuinness thinks because he won one All-Ireland he is the high priest of football and the Irish Times gives him space to expound on his theories," McGee said.

"If he is that good, why didn't he win a second All-Ireland or a third All-Ireland?

“So, I'm simply saying that the vast majority of people that I know are happy with the black card. It is a strange new rule and it has taken a long time to get used to it."

However, McGee has agreed that there should be a review of the black card rule.