Naomh Conaill and Kilcar a mouthwatering semi-final

Naomh Conaill and Kilcar a mouthwatering semi-final

The championship quarter-finals went along predictable enough lines with the exception of Malin’s win over Dungloe.

I fancied Dungloe to win that game. But fair play to Malin, they came from six down to win by two. Dungloe only scored twice in the second half.

So congratulation to Malin, I got it wrong, but having said that I cannot see them beating Glenswilly.

Glenswilly have Michael Murphy and Neil Gallagher back and playing well and Gary ‘Copper’ McFadden is playing well and they also have Ciaran Bonner back.

It’s very likely Glenswilly are going to make it to another final. Who they will meet in the final is the million dollar question.

The meeting of Kilcar and Naomh Conaill is a mouth watering tie and the clash of the big two. I’m just after watching Naomh Conaill against St Eunan’s and I have to admit that I’m not as convinced about Naomh Conaill as I was coming down the road going to the match.

I thought they looked lethargic and leg weary and that included Leo McLoone in the middle of the field. I don’t know if that is from the training they are doing or just tiredness and I feel they are not playing as well as last year.

Going on what I saw this evening against St Eunan’s I would have to fancy Kilcar. I think they are a fresher and hungrier team and the went about their business in a professional manner against Termon on Saturday night. And for that reason I have to fancy Kilcar. But it should be an intriguing game.

I was delighted to see Rory Gallagher got a new three year term with the option for a fourth year.

Let’s be honest about it, his appointment was the only show in town. He has been there for the last two seasons and he spent a couple of years with Jim McGuinness.

We all accept that we are going to go through a rebuilding phase and I would be optimistic about the future.

We’ve had reasonably good minor and U-21 teams in the last few years and the good thing about a number of the players coming in is they are good big lads.

I believe we will be good enough to retain our status in the league.

Rory is a good football man and he wants to do the job.

Brian McEniff was in conversation with Tom Comack.