Another good day for young Dylan

Horse and Pony racing

Dylan Browne McMonagle rounded off a fine season when he took the Champion Jockey award at Porthall, Lifford last Sunday.

The 13-year-old Letterkenny jockey won on Athea Jade in the mile and a quarter open and then doubled up on the hugely impressive Five Stone of Lead in the 14/2 - a pony named after a special documentary made on Dylan last year.

The event at Shannon Valley, Porthall was the last local race of the North West Horse Racing season.

Thanks are extended to the organising committee who put in such tremendous work into Sunday's meeting.

Results from Shannon Valley:

1 Mile Open

1 Morgan Spice, Pat Taaffe

2 Never Say Never, Danny Sheehy

3 Angel Eyes, Joe Conlon

1 1/4 Mile Open

1 Athea Jade, Dylan Browne Mc Monagle

2 All Joking Aside, Rossa Ryan

3 Tinkerbell, Joe Conlon

153cm Pony 1 1/2 Mile

1 Rosellen's Quest, Rossa Ryan

2 Swilly Girl, Joe Conlon

3 Sky's The Limit, Daniel McMenamin

2 Mile Derby

1 Mr Bowen, Pat Taaffe

2 Ya Wee Skitter, Dylan Browne Mc Monagle

3 Walk The Line, Rossa Ryan

148cm Pony 1 1/2 Mile

1 5 Stone Of Lead, Dylan Browne Mc Monagle

2 One Direction, Rossa Ryan

3 My Friend George, Jamie Kelly

1 1/2 Mile Open

1 Sir RJ, Joe Conlon

2 Who Dis, Rossa Ryan

3 Delmia, Daniel McMenamin

Non Winners

1 Crafty Boy, Joe Conlon

2 Granda Mac, Luke Mc Ateer

3 New York Diamond, Daniel McMenamin

Local Pony

1 Penny, Samuel Wilson

2 Star Bucks, Libby Mooney

3 Ernie, Robert Smyth