Charles McGuinness 5k celebrates opening of new bridge


Charles McGuinness 5k celebrates opening of new bridge

In a week which marked the opening of the new Mullantyboyle Bridge, the Charles Mc Guinness 5k road race and walk took place in Glenties on Sunday afternoon.

The route of this year's race was changed to mark the opening of the bridge and a big crowd of athletes, fun runners and walkers took part.

Danny Mooney, a regular winner in the Donegal Grand Prix circuit this year, was first man home in 17.28.

Tir Conaill AC's Margaret Sweeney was first female athlete in 21.17.

Here's a round up of all the finishers:

Place Bib Name Gender AG Club Time

1.318Danny MooneymSMLetterkenny A.C.17:28,7

2.305Zachary Mc GowanmSMCity Of Derry Spartans18:15,1

3.332Declan Mc BridemSMCranford A.C.18:16,2

4.392Martin BoylemSM18:37,6

5.413Gwyn YemnmSMLetterkenny A.C.18:52,9

6.306Declan NugentmSM19:14,1

7.311James DonagheymM40Convoy A.C.19:26,4

8.340Richard Mc CarthymM50Tír Chonaill A.C.19:31,2

9.365Martin DohertymM4019:35,0

10.378Michael ReganmSM19:49,8

11.345Joe BoylemM4020:06,3

12.316Barry MackeymM50Letterkenny A.C.20:12,0

13.334Eoin BoylemSMNaomh Conaíll20:22,9

14.312Patrick Mc GillmSM20:33,2

15.313Brendan Mc GlynnmSM20:35,9

16.307John J CannonmM50Tír Chonaill A.C.20:39,1

17.326Brian Mc GuiganmSM20:46,9

18.412Brian Mc GonaglemM40Tír Chonaill A.C.20:54,1

19.386Paul GallaghermSM21:05,7

20.401Patrick TrimblemM40Bog A.C.21:12,2

21.367Margaret SweeneyfSFTír Chonaill A.C.21:17,6

22.337Robert FarrellmM40Tír Chonaill A.C.21:28,4

23.395Paul Mc GuinnessmJM21:45,1

24.317Angus HuntermM5021:55,6

25.420Anthony ThompsonmSM22:04,9

26.417Dermot MolloymSM22:05,0

27.314Niamh Mc DaidfSFLetterkenny A.C.22:24,8

28.327David GallaghermSM22:36,4

29.308Nick NorthmM5022:48,1

30.301Paul DohertymSM22:51,4

31.394Donna FureyfSFTír Chonaill A.C.22:51,8

32.363Edwina SweeneyfF40Tír Chonaill A.C.22:52,3

33.330Paul BoylemM4022:53,8

34.338Sharon CunninghamfSFBruckless Road Runners23:31,0

35.418Leo Mc LoonemSM23:33,8

36.380Philip GallaghermSM23:46,8

37.396Dylan HenrymJM23:48,0

38.339James BoylemSM24:11,2

39.329Jackie HarveyfF50Tír Chonaill A.C.24:12,7

40.341Rosemary DewhirstfF40Tír Chonaill A.C.24:40,2

41.383Packie BonermM4024:46,3

42.319Patricia HegartyfF40Tír Chonaill A.C.24:53,0

43.344Aileen Mc GeehanfSFTír Chonaill A.C.24:53,0

44.397Majella CunninghamfSFBruckless Road Runners25:05,8

45.388Tiarnán WardmJMTír Chonaill A.C.25:11,4

46.402Stacey BonnerfSF25:23,8

47.377Eddie GallaghermSM25:50,5

48.390Eamonn BonnermM4025:54,1

49.333Stephaine BrennanfSFTír Chonaill A.C.26:30,5

50.366Luke WardmJMTír Chonaill A.C.26:57,5

51.343Grainne Mc MonaglefSFTír Chonaill A.C.27:00,1

52.328Maria DiverfSF27:03,7

53.342Nicola BonnerfSFTír Chonaill A.C.27:21,5

54.336Gwen FarrellfF40Tír Chonaill A.C.27:43,0

55.362Kathleen Mc DevittfF5027:45,6

56.382Dympna BonerfF40Tír Chonaill A.C.27:48,0

57.375Ann Marie GibbonsfF40Fintown27:48,0

58.304Liam SweeneymM6028:05,0

59.372Louise Mc HughfSF28:42,2

60.361Marie Mc GillfF4028:59,9

61.309Kate MorganfF6028:59,9

62.389Caroline BonnerfF4029:11,7

63.406Angela TrimblefF40Tír Chonaill A.C.29:23,0

64.356Ailbhe Mc CrossanfJFTír Chonaill A.C.29:30,6

65.371Gloria Fisher FrielfSF29:36,7

66.322Liz Mc KenziefSF29:53,3

67.315Stephen CoughlanmM40Glenties Running Club29:59,0

68.376Ben CraigmSM30:07,9

69.411Johnnie Mc GonaglemJMTír Chonaill A.C.30:22,4

70.381Berni MolloyfF40Tír Chonaill A.C.30:31,6

71.321Darren WhelanmSMTír Chonaill A.C.30:49,0

72.400Joseph GallaghermSMNaomh Conaíll31:02,1

73.325Andrea Mc MenaminfSFTír Chonaill A.C.31:02,3

74.357Amy GibbonsfJF31:15,5

75.346John Mc CloskeymSM31:16,1

76.347Avril Mc CloskeyfSF31:16,4

77.374Ellie Mc DonnellfJFNaomh Conaíll31:28,2

78.373Joanne GallagherfJF31:28,5

79.359Nuala Mc CoolfSF31:30,9

80.335Maureen BoylefF4032:24,4

81.403Noreen KellyfSF32:29,6

82.391Grainne BoylefSF33:22,5

83.320Erica HegartyfJFTír Chonaill A.C.33:25,5

84.409Abbie Boner DiverfJFNaomh Conaíll33:27,1

85.404Kieran KellymSM34:41,9

86.405Jack KellymJM37:10,6

87.407Cían KellymJM37:11,9

88.331Eilís BoylefJFTír Chonaill A.C.37:12,6

89.369Aimee BoylefJF37:12,8

90.415Saoirsa Mc GonaglefJFTír Chonaill A.C.37:51,5

91.370Patrick Mc GrathmJM37:52,0

92.414Bronagh HeverinfF4037:53,4

93.358Niamh Mc CrossanfSFTír Chonaill A.C.41:26,7

94.350Katie GaviganfJFTír Chonaill A.C.41:26,8

95.310Kathleen Mc GroartyfF4042:18,0

96.364Brendan Mc DonnellmM5043:12,8

97.379Siobhan Mc NelisfSF43:14,2

98.368Noleen Mc GrathfSF43:18,4

99.303Maryann MolloyfSF43:49,9

100.302Pauline GallagherfSF43:52,4

101.385Seán O DonnellmJMTír Chonaill A.C.45:14,8

102.384Gina O DonnellfF40Tír Chonaill A.C.45:21,9

103.393A.j. GallaghermSM49:02,7

104.324Jamie TimoneymSM49:06,2

105.398Stephen MolloymSM49:07,3

106.323Lisa GallagherfSFTír Chonaill A.C.49:07,4

107.399Mary GallagherfSFNaomh Conaíll49:08,1

108.351Kieran Mc NelismJM52:25,5

109.349Alana Mc NelisfJF52:25,8

110.348Mary Mc NelisfSF52:43,6

111.353Stella RyanfF4052:43,8

112.410Angela Mc DyrefF6053:20,1

113.355Mary DohertyfSFTír Chonaill A.C.53:21,2

114.387Ann Edel WardfF5053:22,4

115.354Siobhan Mc HughfSF53:23,3

116.352Stepharil Mc NelisfF4053:24,7

117.416Breid Mc GillfSFGlenties53:24,9