Letterkenny RFC inviting girls to give rugby a go


Letterkenny RFC inviting girls to give rugby a go

Letterkenny Rugby Club are calling all girls from 13-17 years of age to ‘have a go’ at girls rugby!

The new season has started and it is hoped Letterkenny RFC girls will be playing matches by the end of this month. Quite a number of new players have joined for training already this season, which is fantastic news for the Letterkenny Rugby Club’s Girls Rugby, but they are looking for more girls to join from the ages of 13 - 17.

If you, your daughter, sister, cousin or friend are looking to join a team, to get fit or stay fit and to try out a different sport like Rugby, go along to training on Tuesday and Thursday nights, at the Rugby club pitch, Dave Gallaher Park, Glebe, Letterkenny.

Training runs from 7.00pm to 8.15pm. The coaches & club, would be delighted to welcome you. All you have to do is go togged out and wear a gum shield.

Now is the best time to join, as there are already a number of beginners started this year. It’s not as rough as you'd think and the girls always have great fun, while getting fit at the same time. They have coaches who are used to teaching beginners, but also understand that it takes everyone different levels of time to adjust to playing the game of Rugby.

The Girls Rugby teams will be playing in the Ulster League at both U-15 Level and U-18 Level. There is a tour organised for later in the season and you will have the opportunity to go to the Ireland v Australia match at Aviva Stadium, as well as visiting Kingspan Stadium in Belfast for an Ulster league match in the coming months.

If you would like to ‘Have a Go’, give Allen McCrea a call on 0863325955.