Galway MINOR manager happy with his team


Peter Campbell @dgldemocrat

Galway minor manager, Stephen Joyce, a former senior player, was very happy with his charges, although he agreed that it should have been more comfortable near the end.

"We should have been more in front, definitely. We had a number of chances, indeed goal chances and probably we should have tapped them over the bar to make it more comfortable.

"We did make it hard on ourselves towards the end by not taking those chances, but that's something to work on. You always need something to work on when you're going forward. Happy with the result at this stage," said Joyce.

The Galway boss said it's always a learning curve for minor footballers. "Young fellows are not the same as senior players who will take the points. They see the score and you know that you kill out the game. Sometimes young fellas want to go for the jugular the whole time, which is good in one sense. Once it works out and you don't lose the game, it's okay, but on another day, they would learn from that and tap them over.”

He agreed that his inside men of Finnerty and Conneely were a big threat throughout the game.

"They are very comfortable together and they played together all year. They are good, no doubt.

"We knew there was going to be a sweeper back there and you had to get it in over him. It worked well at times. They had a lot of men back and the chances did come."

When it was put to him that Galway had a defensive strategy as well, he agreed. "Well you have to adapt to the modern game because they were coming forward in droves.

“If you didn't get players back, you were going to let them in. There was probably three or four (Donegal) sweepers there at times. It changes the whole game and you have to adapt. It worked out for us today. The quick ball in worked; we had hoped it would work and it did."

Galway threatened to score goals from early in the game and Joyce said he knew they were a threat up front.

"There is goals in this team. They are all capable of scoring goals. We should have scored a lot more goals in the championship but we're happy where we are."

The Galway manager was happy with the improvement his side have shown over the season. "It was a more overall performance today. We played for maybe 30 minutes in other games and allowed the opposition back in. I think we were way more clinical today and we were probably tighter at the back. I think we tired a little with all the chasing we had to do and we allowed Donegal in for one goal; thankfully they only got the one."

He also agreed that there was a fair amount of hope for this year's side from early in the year.

"We had an idea. Our aim at the start of the year was to retain the Connacht championship and after that you try and go the whole way. You always aim to go as far as you possibly can. At minor you don't really know, but it has worked out well. I'm sure the next day will be a lot tougher," said Joyce.