Donegal asked hard questions - Jim Gavin

X Gavin unhappy with the sending offs

Donegal asked hard questions - Jim Gavin
By: Tom

Dublin manager Jim Gavin was very pleased with his team’s performance and also admitted that Donegal asked serious questions of his team during Saturday's All Ireland quarter-final.

The All- Ireland winning manager was also high in his praise of Donegal, although he did feel a number of his players were singled out for special attention.

“We are very pleased with performance,” he said.

“I believe there were a lot of hard questions asked by Donegal and there were a lot of twists and turns in the game.

“The resilience this team (Dublin) has built up over the last few years, and the character and the application and the purposefulness shone through there today.

“To go down to 13 men and close the game out in the manner they did was a reflection of their intentness”

The Dublin boss also admitted that he was both disappointed and surprised at the sendings off of Diarmuid Connolly and Eoghan O’Gara.

“It was a source of disappointment for a team who plays the sort of game we want to play that we end up with 13 men. It is the surprising thing for me.

“It's a question that you should probably ask the officials.

“A lot of what happened in the game was very predictable going into it,” he added.

“We knew our players would receive special attention and that was the case.

“It is up to the officials to act. There are eight of them, four umpires and the four men in black. If they don’t act, they are letting the players down, on both sides may I say.

“It is a physical contact sport. We have tremendous respect for Donegal. They are an outstanding group of players.

“They will go down as one of the best Donegal teams and they have a lot more to give.

“Six Ulster finals on the spin, probably six All-Ireland quarter finals on the spin as well, is a testament to what they bring to the table. They are an outstanding team but it is what it is today.”

 Dublin will now play Kerry in the All-Ireland semi-final.