Barrett feels there is more to come


Barrett feels there is more to come

The Donegal minor manager, Shaun Paul Barrett, was not getting carried away with his side's win over Cork and felt they have plenty more to offer.

"Delighted with the result afterwards but I would have to say disappointed with the performance. I don't think we played anywhere near where we could play today

"We wouldn't be happy at all with the performance, especially in the first half. I think maybe the nerves got to the boys. As you know it was a huge occasion going out in Croke Park for the first time. I think Cork adapted to it better," said Barrett, who agreed that the first goal was vital.

"The goal, Jason's goal, got us right back into it and we kicked on from there."

Asked what he said to them at half-time, he replied: "We told them to throw off the shackles. We didn't do it in the first half. We weren't pressing them and we weren't making the runs and we simply weren't happy with our performance.

"We had only, maybe, two or three lads in the first half that played to their potential. Mark Curran was superb and Peadar Mogan was absolutely unbelievable. Peadar is still U-17 and he is a brilliant player. He puts his heart and soul into it and gives you everything he has every single day. He had a brilliant game the last day in the Ulster final and today he was immense.

"But we're looking for men to step up every day," said Barrett, who pointed to Seaghan Ferry and Aaron Deeney, who he said did well when he came on.

"It is not a fifteen man game anymore and we would be looking for different groups of men to step up.

"I'm absolutely delighted, thrilled. This is where we wanted to be. We never looked past today. Cork are a quality side and put it up to us for a long time so we're looking forward now to a semi-final," said Barrett.

"We'd be disappointed that we didn't score enough in the first half, but we pushed on," said the Donegal manager, who was very happy with the way substitute Aaron Deeney performed when he came in.

"Shane McGrath is a fabulous player too and we have players pushing for starting places. There is nothing in it between those that are starting and those that are coming in. Both Shane and Aaron Deeney came in and did well," said Barrett, who agreed that the switch of Nathan Boyle back to half-back in the second half worked. "Nathan has played a lot of his football in the half-back line. Their No. 12 was causing us problems and Nathan had a great game when he went back on him.

The Donegal boss knows that his side will have to improve for an All-Ireland semi-final clash with Galway on Sunday, 21st August.

"You are always looking to improve. I expected Galway to come through and I know they are a very good side. Their centre half-forward is supposed to be a fabulous player," said Barrett, who said he hadn't seen Galway play yet, but quipped "we'll see enough of them in three weeks' time."