Peter Campbell @dgldemocrat

The Croke Park experience was something new for every one of the Donegal team on Saturday, but one player took it in his stride.

St. Naul's Peadar Mogan put in another superb performance, and was most people's idea of man of the match, hitting three points and also playing the sweeper role to perfection.

"It was an amazing feeling, to be honest," said Peadar, reflecting on the victory of the Donegal minors against Cork.

"It was unbelievable to get to play in Croke Park. It was a first for everyone. It is a superb stadium, slightly bigger than anywhere we have played before. But it was the surroundings that are so different," said Mogan, who had experienced Croke Park only from the stands before Saturday.

"It is a massive difference, being out on the field and looking at the crowd. The surface is immaculate and you really have no future as a player if you can't play there," said Mogan.

For Peadar, it looked as if he had been playing there all his life and when told that he was most people's man of the match, he wanted to deflect to the team.

"Everyone played their part. Some days certain players step up and put in a good performance. Things might have went my way but everyone played well."


It was the second superb display from Mogan, who was also a contender for man of the match in the Ulster final win over Derry.

Asked if he was worried when Donegal went in four points down at half-time, he said: "I wouldn't say worried. But we knew we had to put in a performance in the second half. We felt that if we go out and play, we are fit to win any game.

"Once we got the first couple of scores in the second half, our confidence was back," said Mogan.

"I was very happy at the final whistle. This is a good minor team and we have the chance to get to an All-Ireland final. The talent is there. We will not look past Galway. Everything will be put on hold to prepare for that game. It is a matter of keeping the heads down and putting in the preparation."

For Mogan, it has been a good summer. The St. Naul's man had a minor health scare in the spring, but has made a great comeback and he is thankful to everyone who helped.

"The manager (Shaun Paul Barrett) was great. He kept in touch. I can't thank him enough. He gave me all the time I wanted to recover. I only missed a couple of Minor League games. The boys have beeen unbelievable," said Mogan.

The talented all-round will be minor again next year, but he wants to go as far as he can in 2016.