Peter Campbell @dgldemocrat

2 mins: Tom Clancy gets forward to get Cork on scoreboard first. Donegal 0-0, Cork 0-1

3: Kevin O’Driscoll adds the Cork second. Dgl 0-0, Cork 0-2

4: A great ball from Anthony Thompson sees Michael Murphy set up Patrick McBrearty for his first. Dgl 0-1, Cork 0-2

5: Eoin and Ryan McHugh involved as McBrearty levels for Donegal. Dgl 0-2, Cork 0-2

7: The Donegal defence opens as Sean Powter drives through and has goal chance, but fires over. Dgl 0-2, Cork 0-3

8: Donncha O’Connor adds another. Dgl 0-2, Cork 0-4

12: Neil McGee wins a soft free and Patrick McBrearty points. Dgl 0-3, Cork 0-4

13: Another gap in the Donegal defence and Eoin Cadogan sets up Paul Kerrigan to point. Dgl 0-3, Cork 0-5

14: A handy free as a Cork player touches ball on ground and McBrearty takes advantage. Dgl 0-4, Cork 0-5

15: Colm O’Driscoll has all the time in the world and points. Dgl 0-4, Cork 0-6

15: Martin O’Reilly sets up Martin McElhinney but he is dispossessed in front of the Cork goal.

17: A quick free sees Tomas Clancy put Paul Kerrigan through and he fires to the top corner of the net. Dgl 0-4, Cork 1-6

21: A great run by Eoin McHugh is finished with a fine point with his left. Dgl 0-5, Cork 1-6

22: Martin O’Reilly finds McBrearty and he fired over from an angle. Dgl 0-6, Cork 1-6

26: Patrick McBrearty comes out field and fires over from 45m. Dgl 0-7, Cork 1-6

27: Kevin O’Driscoll finds another big hole in the Donegal rearguard to point. Dgl 0-7, Cork 1-7

27: Paddy McGrath and Karl Lacey involved as McBrearty hits another point. Dgl 0-8, Cork 1-7

29: Lacey and Frank McGlynn involved before Michael Murphy drives a rocket straight and true. Dgl 0-9, Cork 1-7

29: Ryan McHugh, with his left, fired Donegal on level terms with a great score. Dgl 0-10, Cork 1-7

31: Odhrán Mac Niallais sets Karl Lacey free to put Donegal ahead for first time. Dgl 0-11, Cork 1-7

32: Tom Clancy levels for Cork once more. Dgl 0-11, Cork 1-8

36: Neil McGee makes a goal saving block on Ian McGuire.

37: Paul Kerrigan has final point of half to leave Cork ahead. Dgl 0-11, Cork 1-9

HALF-TIME: Donegal 0-11, Cork 1-9

39: Michael Murphy is involved as Frank McGlynn has Donegal back level. Dgl 0-12, Cork 1-9

39: Mark Collins replies instantly. Dgl 0-12, Cork 1-10

40: Eoin McHugh and Martin McElhinney set up McBrearty to level again. Dgl 0-13, Cork 1-10

41: Donegal back off and Colm O’Driscoll points. Dgl 0-13, Cork 1-11

42: Eoin McHugh finds cousin Ryan, who hits another top class point. Dgl 0-14, Cork 1-11

45: Cork substitute and dual star Aidan Walsh puts Cork back in front. Dgl 0-14, Cork 1-12

47: Michael Murphy sets up Odhrán Mac Niallais to level once more. Dgl 0-15, Cork 1-12

49: Tomás Clancy edges Cork back in front. Dgl 0-15, Cork 1-13

51: Colm O’Neill, on as sub., wins and points free for Cork. Dgl 0-15, Cork 1-14

52: Leo McLoone wins free for McBrearty to cut the lead to one. Dgl 0-16, Cork 1-14

54: McLoone involved again as Eoin McHugh levels once more for Donegal. Dgl 0-17, Cork 1-14

61: Eoin McHugh wins free for McBrearty to edge Donegal ahead for first time in second half. Dgl 0-18, Cork 1-14

66: Mac Niallais wins free for Michael Murphy to double the Donegal lead. Dgl 0-19, Cork 1-14

70: Ryan McHugh puts three between them with another top class score. Dgl 0-20, Cork 1-14

74: Patrick McBrearty, fittingly, fires his 11th and Donegal’s last point. Dgl 0-21, Cork 1-14

75: Colm O’Neill has the final point of the game. Dgl 0-21, Cork 1-15

FINAL SCORE: Donegal 0-21, Cork 1-15