'It's the stuff of dreams' - Eoghan McGettigan


'It's the stuff of dreams' - Eoghan McGettigan
Tom Comack Sport@donegaldemocrat.com @dgldemocrat

Donegal full forward Eoghan McGettigan scored two valuable points in his team's win over Derry.

His two points came before half-time, and were shortly after Peadar Mogan had kicked Donegal into the lead for the first time.

“It’s brilliant,” he said as he savoured the victory.

“It is something you always dream of playing in Clones, on Ulster final day and winning.

“It's something we have been aiming for since January. It was tough going out there and it took us a while to get into the game.”

Like his manager, the No. 14 was in no doubt that his clubmate JD Boyle’s goal in the middle of the opening half was the spark that ignited Donegal.

“We were four down after 20 minutes and struggling to get into the game,” he said.

“But we just kept chipping away and Niall kicked a point to settle us and then JD scored the goal.

“And Peadar (Mogan) scored a brilliant point and I managed to get two and we went in two up at half-time.

“JD’s goal was a big score and I don’t think we would have been two up at half-time if he did not score it.

“It gave us a big lift and seemed to knock Derry back.”

McGettigan added: “I wasn’t nervous, I don’t know about the rest of the lads, it was just that they were marking very tight at the back at the start but it was always going to open up.

“It was a matter of being patient

“And that is the way the game panned out. We had a good start to the second half and when Nathan (Boyle) scored the second goal we seemed to be in control. I think it put us six up.

“But we sat back a little and allowed them back into the game and they scored a couple of points.

“This is something we seem to do in a lot of games but they always work out alright in the end.

“Niall (O’Donnell) responded with two brilliant points before they got the goal near the end.

“Thankfully we held on.”