How the Donegal players fared in the Ulster final

MARKSMAN with Peter Campbell

How the Donegal players fared in the Ulster final

Mark Anthony McGinley: Did everything that was asked of him. Just one poor kick out. 7

Paddy McGrath: Did his work very well and kept McAlliskey scoreless. Also got forward to good effect. 7.5

Neil McGee: Saw off Ronan O'Neill and also got forward at times. 7

Eamon McGee: Had a good game on Sean Cavanagh in opening half but Cavanagh got free in second. 7

Ryan McHugh: A magnificent period in the first half when he hit three top class points. Was watched closely after that. 8

Karl Lacey: Did well in defence, but his efforts going forward were not as fruitful as in the past. 6.5

Frank McGlynn: Took a big hit in the second half which may not have been legal. Was influential before that. 7

Ciaran Gillespie: Did well in defence but twice lost possession in good positions in attack before being replaced. 6

Michael Murphy: Did all his power to get Donegal over the line. Unfortunately was asked to spend most of his time around midfield. 7.5

Odhrán MacNiallais: Hit two great points, but also had a number of efforts well off target. 7

Eoin McHugh: Did his best to run at Tyrone but found it very difficult to make any real headway. 6.5

Rory Kavanagh: Worked hard at midfield, but like many others, found it hard to penetrate the Tyrone defence. 6

Anthony Thompson: Was involved in some good stuff but then picked up yellow and was replaced before surprisingly brought back in near the end. 6

Patrick McBrearty: A lonely figure up front for most of the game, McBrearty was starved of possession and had sometimes three Tyrone players for company. Took his point from play well. 7

Martin O'Reilly: Worked tirelessly but found space hard to find and like many others, not able to penetrate. 6

Martin McElhinney: Tried hard when coming in but again found it hard to make any real headway. 6

Mark McHugh: In for the final 20 odd minutes, McHugh got on the ball but again did not make any headway. 6

Christy Toye: In with seven minutes left, Toye made a big contribution winning a free for Murphy to point; scoring the final point and his pass to Colm McFadden should really have sealed a win. 7.5

Colm McFadden and Eoghan Ban Gallagher: Not on long enough to rate.