By Tom Comack @dgldemocrat

30 secs: Rory Kavanagh glides onto a pass from Martin McElhinney after Odhran MacNiallais won the throw-in. Donegal 0-1, Monaghan 0-0

7 mins: Anthony Thompson from way out on the right wing curls over Donegal’s second point. Dgl 0-2, Mon 0-0

12: Michael Murphy converts from the ‘45’ after Patrick McBrearty’s strike on the Monaghan posts was deflected. Dgl 0-3, Mon 0-0

14. Donegal are moving up through the gears and Ryan McHugh finds Martin McElhinney who nails a good point from just inside the ‘45’. Dgl 0-4, Mon 0-0

16. Patrick McBrearty raises his first white flag after good approach play from Frank McGlynn. Dgl 0-5, Mon 0-0

17. Shane Carey finally gets Monaghan off the mark with a dodgy enough looking point that seemed to curl around the outside of the post. Dgl 0-5, Mon 0-1

19. Monaghan goal after Donegal defence caught napping when Conor McManus picked out Shane Carey with a quick free straight in front of the posts. Dgl 0-5, Mon 1-1

21. McBrearty from a free after McElhinney was fouled and Darren Hughes was yellow carded. Dgl 0-6, Mon 1-1

26. Rory Kavanagh, who was having a big game. Releases Martin O’Reilly and the MacCumhaill’s man splits the posts. Dgl 0-7, Mon 1-1

27. Michael Murphy converts from 15 metres after Martin O’Reilly was hauled down. Dgl 0-8, Mon 1-1

29. Conor McManus lands a big score from way out on the left hand side. Dgl 0-8. Mon 1-2 33. Monaghan’s second goal and lifeline when McManus converts from the penalty spot after Ryan Wylie went down under pressure from Anthony Thompson and EoinMcHugh. Dgl 0-8, Mon 2-2
Anthony Thompson receives a black card.

34. Frank McGlynn splits the posts after a slow patient Donegal build up. Dgl 0-9, Mon 2-2

37. Michael Murphy sends Donegal in two up at the break after Ryan McHugh was fouled. Half-time Donegal 0-10, Monaghan 2-2

35.11. Kieran Hughes grabs the throw in and quickly finds Conor McManus for the second half opening score. Dgl 0-10, Mon 2-3

37. Patrick McBrearty from a 20 metre free lands Donegal’s first of the new half after he was tugged off the ball by Colin Walshe. Dgl 0-11, Mon 2-3

38. Mark McHugh makes an early impact with a super point from outside the ‘45’. Dgl 0-12, Mon 2-3

39. Owen Duffy kicks a fine point from way out on left hand side. Dgl 0-12, Mon 2-4

53. Ciaran McManus does well to release Conor Boyle who clips over from 30 metres with his first touch. Dgl 0-12, Mon 2-5

55. Murphy responds with Donegal’s first point in 17 minutes from close to the posts. Dgl 0-13, Mon 2-5

56. Murphy finds Patrick McBrearty with precision and McBrearty, going away from the posts on the left hand side, restores a two point lead, Dgl 0-14, Mon 2-6

59. Frank McGlynn does well to win possession to release Martin O’Reilly. Dgl 0-15, Mon 2-6

63: Conor McManus reduces the margin with . Dgl 0-15, Mon 2-7

64. O’Reilly lands his third of the day after good approach play from Ciaran Gillespie and Odhran MacNiallais. Dgl 0-16, Mon 2-7

67. McManus converts from 40 metres after Karl McConnell was fouled. Dgl 0-16, Mon 2-8

68. Jack McCarron lands from long range for a one point game. Dgl 0-16, Mon 2-9

69.The margin is back out to two when Murphy converts after Ryan McHugh was fouled. Dgl 0-17, Mon 2-9.
Karl O’Connell receives black card.

72. Colin Walshe brings down the curtain on the scoring with a fine point. Dgl 0-17, Mon 2-10.