Tom Comack @dgldemocrat

11 secs: Odhran MacNiallais won throw, in gave to Michael Murphy who carried before spotting Karl Lacey raiding on right wing. Donegal 0-1, Monaghan 0-0

9 min: Long ball in from Marty O’Reilly, Michael Murphy in off the post. Dgl 0-2,Mon 0-0

9.30: Monaghan break up the field and Shane Carey opens their account from way out on right wing, Dgl 0-2, Mon 0-1

12: Michael Murphy converts from 20 metres way out on left hand side after Ciaran Gillespie was tugged back. Dgl 0-3, Mon 0-1

15: Conor McManus clips the top of the upright from a 40 metre free after Eamon McGee touched the ball on the ground. Dgl 0-3, Mon 0-2.

20: Conor McCarthy takes a pass from Eoin Duffy and lands a good point after Monaghan break from midfield to tie up the game. Dgl 0-3, Mon 0-3.

23: Ciaran McManus converts from a close-in free after ball brought forward by referee. Dgl 0-3, Mon 0-4

25: Drew Wylie fouled on the edge of D and McManus converts for a two point Monaghan lead. Dgl 0-3, Mon 0-5 .

27: Ryan McHugh fouled and Patrick McBrearty kicks the point from the free from 35 metres. Dgl 0-4, Mon 0-5

30: Eoin McHugh attacks and lays off to McBrearty who curls over from just outside the D. Dgl 0-5, Mon 0-5

32: Michael Murphy fouled as he kicks for a point and Patrick McBrearty converts from 13 metres for the lead. Dgl 0-6, Mon 0-5

35: Conor McCarthy fouled by Eamon McGee and McManus converts the resultant free to tie up the game for third time. Dgl 0-6, Mon 0-6

Halftime: Donegal 0-6, Monaghan 0-6.

36.40 mins: Michael Murphy gets the scoreboard ticking on the resumption when he converts from 35 metres. Dgl 0-7, Mon 0-6

37: Monaghan break up along the stand side and Eoin Duffy fists over from a tight angle. Dgl 0-7, Mon 0-7

41: Conor McManus kicks Monaghan back in front from way out on stand side and going way from the posts. Dgl 0-7, Mon 0-8

44: Monaghan go two up courtesy of a long range Karl McConnell strike. Dgl 0-7, Mon 0-9

47: Karl McConnell kicks a fine point after a slow and patient build up to put three between the teams for the first time. Dgl 0-7, Mon 0-10

50: McBrearty pulls one back after good interplay between Martin McElhinney and Paddy McGrath; half chance of a goal but just couldn’t keep it down. 0-8, Mon 0-10

52: GOAL… MacNiallais does it again as he slid the ball under Rory Beggan after good work from Marty O’Reilly seconds after Martin McElhinney was black carded followed by red. Donegal down to 14. Dgl 1-8, Mon 0-10

53: Conor McCarthy converts from a 13 metre free to tie up the game once more. Dgl 1-8, Mon 0-11.

61: Patrick McBrearty restores Donegal’s lead from 13 metres after Ryan McHugh was dragged down by Colin Walshe which resulted in a black card for the Monaghan man. Dgl 1-9, Mon 0-11.

63: Eoin McHugh makes it a two point game after Ryan McHugh won a ball he had no right to and rode a tackle to set him on his way. Dgl 1-10, Mon 0-11.

71: Conor McManus makes it a one point game from outside the 45 with five minutes of injury time still to play. Dgl 1-11, Mon 0-12.

72: McManus lands another monster point from a free from outside 45 to level matters once more. Dgl 1-10, Mon 0-13

73: Christy Toye fists Donegal back in front after a sweeping move involving Mark McHugh and Eamon McGee. Dgl 1-11, Mon 0-13.

76: McManus from a 20 metre free after a late hit on Karl O’Connell in the middle field and free awarded from where ball landed. Dgl 1-11, Mon 0-14.

Final score: Donegal 1-11, Monaghan 0-14