Donegal accused of gamesmanship

Tom Comack sport@donegaldemocrat.com @dgldemocrat

Donegal’s goals were the big scores in yesterday’s clash in MacCumhaill Park according Fermanagh manager, Pete McGrath.

The Fermanagh boss also accused Donegal of gamesmanship and time wasting in the second half.

And Donegal’s second goal in particular was the big turning point in the game in the opinion of the double All-Ireland winning manager with his native Down.

“The second goal for me was the seminal moment in the game. It gave them all the energy and all the momentum to put us on the back foot,” said the Erne County boss.

But he was also critical of his own players who, he claimed, lost too many personal duels especially in the second half when they needed to take advantage of the extra man.

“We lost too many individual battles in the second half to take advantage of the extra man. The extra man is only an advantage to you if you are moving forward.”

However, when summing up the game he still insisted the goals were the big scores.

“When you look at the final score the two goals loom large. The couple of goal chances they got, they took them and the couple of chances we carved out we did not take them.

“And at the end of the day goals are big scores the give the team that score them a big lift and the knock the sap out of the team that conceded them.”

When asked if he was happy with the length of time - three minutes - from the time the penalty was awarded until the time it was taken, he said he wasn’t. He also went on to accuse Donegal of gamesmanship, especially in the second half. “The number of times Donegal players went down and in some instances feigning injury to just stop the clock and break up play and the referee fell for it.

“And the amount of time the referee allowed between the penalty was awarded and taken is unacceptable.

“Let us see what the authorities do about. I suspect nothing because it is Fermanagh. If it was Dublin was involved they would do something about it but because it is Fermanagh they will do nothing,” said McGrath.