Good to get win under our belts

Plenty of room for improvement

Good to get win under our belts

I was happy enough leaving MacCumhaill yesterday evening. We did not look like world beaters or All-Ireland material. But we did enough to win and we are looking forward to an Ulster semi-final and you cannot ask for more.

We often played better and lost so we shouldn’t be complaining. We played in fits and starts and we had a number of very big individual performances.

We also had a number of men that were well below par and did not get up to the pace of the game which is a slight worry. But overall I have to say I’m happy enough with the way the game panned out.

The only downside is the loss of Neil McGee for the Monaghan game. Neill will be a huge loss for Monaghan. He is the type of player to do well against Monaghan and put a bit of manners on them in the full-forward line.

But we had a number of very good individual performances. I thought Odhran MacNiallais ha a brilliant game, took his goals well and deserved the man of the match award.

The two McHughs, Ryan and Eoin, also had big games and I was also impressed with Marty O’Reilly and Paddy McGrath.

Michael Murphy played in fits and starts while Anthony Thompson had a good solid game and I felt Christy Toye made an impact when he came on.

Martin McElhinney was steady without being brilliant and Frank McGlynn had a very good first half and linked well when we were on top in the opening 20 minutes.

Fermanagh were disappointing and I was expecting more from them and except from the last few minutes of the first half they were never really in the game.


I was very confident going to the game that we were going to be too good for them. And at no stage was I worried. Even when they came back to within two points of us before half-time, I still felt that we would go on and win it even though we were a man down.

Monaghan in the semi-final are going to be a different kettle of fish. And we are going to have to step it up another notch or two for Monaghan.

But I think we have the room for improvement now that we have got a game under our belts. But we can expect a much tougher test when we play in the Ulster semi-final.

Brian McEniff was in conversation with Tom Comack.