Donegal to advance against Fermanagh


Donegal to advance against Fermanagh

As expected, the predictable trend of one-sided games continued last weekend when Dublin and Monaghan easily progressed to their respective provincial semi-finals by trouncing Laois and Down respectively. Donegal will eventually get their campaign underway this Sunday when we will also prove a superior force than our opponents Fermanagh. We will then play Monaghan in the Ulster semi-final.

It is difficult to know how good this Monaghan team is on last Sunday’s showing given that Down was so poor. I still expect a Tyrone and Donegal Ulster final.

The best thing about the summer so far has been the weather. One has to be realistic and not pretend that the football or indeed the hurling championships have been unexciting to say the least. The Ulster semi-finals should be keenly contested especially Monaghan and Donegal. Cavan are progressing but have some way to go before they can match Tyrone. Rather than discussing the intricacies of game in post match analysis all the talk is centred on the demise of those teams who are receiving hammerings.

To be honest I’d rather talk about the gorilla that was shot in the U.S. recently after a four year-old boy fell into its enclosure. Amazingly this incident grabbed all the headlines for a few days. This gorilla’s death teaches us much about our culture. I looked at the comments on Facebook. The poor mother of the boy came in for incredible abuse. People were basically saying that because of her negligence a member of an endangered species had to be killed.

We are told nowadays in schools that we humans evolved from apes and that we were not created. This theory was first proposed by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck and was popularised by Charles Darwin in his book ‘The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection’. The part of the title that you never see and which is omitted is “The Preservation of Favoured Races in The Struggle for Life’. Clearly Mr. Darwin was a racist.

This is altogether another story which you will definitely read about in the future but for now I would like to stay with the gorilla. By erasing the hand of God from existence of mankind the value of human life has been demoted to that of every other living thing. Haven’t we got dominion over the animal kingdom? Innately we know that we as humans have more value than animals. That’s why the gorilla’s was less valued than that of a child.

Forty years ago the value of human life was diminished even further when society began to rationalise away the immorality of taking human life in the forms of abortion, euthanasia and doctor assisted suicide. It is ironic that many who support these issues are radically against the same practices when animals are concerned.

One thread on Facebook read: “The silverback gorillas are an endangered species. 4 year-old-boys are not.” Our culture for many is disordered when people would actually sacrifice the life of a four year-old-boy for a gorilla.

The issue of abortion has already been topical in Ireland. Only recently the wife of our President, Sabina Higgins, rowed in with her pro-abortion views. You see, the debate over the gorilla’s death has far reaching undertones on how we value human life. We can learn lessons from the U.S. especially where they have been given over to such depravity where they have legalised the murder of babies, refused to make illegal in all States the neglect of babies who survive abortion and in some states legalised the murder of the terminally ill and the elderly.

I have plenty more to say on this topic but for now my best wishes go to our Donegal team in what we hope will be a lengthy campaign. Keep the faith!